Wednesday, September 02, 2009

One for him, too!

I've met a new friend and I LIKE HER! She's located over at Canadian Mom and she's putting on a genious giveaway! Now you all know that I'm not one to post about a bunch of random giveaways to send you looking at, but this one, it's pure genious.

She's giving away a Daddy Pak!! You know, a diaper bag for daddies! This one is perfect for those men who refuse to carry our colorful purse representations of a much needed necessity. This one is perfect enough to hold everything a Daddy could need and a little more. Not only is it comfortable but it's manly and it looks great!

Honestly, my husband would love it as he's still trying to keep his "fanny pack" that I refuse to let him go out of the house in. This would be the best of both worlds.. what he's looking for plus something that's stylish and doesn't make him look like he's 70. Perfect.

So head on over to Canadian Mom and enter to enter this giveaway, you won't be sorry!


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