Thursday, September 10, 2009

This or That?

When you were in giving birth to your child; whether it be by c-section or vaginally, did you have this or that?

Did you:

1. Wear a hospital gown or did you wear your own gown from home?

2. Have your nails (fingers or toes) painted or did you leave them natural?

3. Bring a robe from home or did you just go without?

4. Wear socks, slippers, both or none at all?

5. Bring your own music to listen to or did you leave the room quiet?

6. Bring your own pillows from home or did you use the pillows that were provided?

7. Bring things to pass the time (ie: magazines, laptop, books, etc) or did you just go with the flow?

8. Bring pads from home or just use the ones the hospital gave you?

9. Bring diapers from home (for the baby) or just use the ones the hospital provided?

10. Bring cloths from home (for the baby) or just use the ones the hospital provides?

11. Bring receiving blankets or just use the ones the hospital provided?

Is there anything else you can think of that you choose over something else?

*Coming Soon: Nursery pictures!



  1. 1. Wore the hospital gown for delivery, but brought something else for the next day - which I never used.

    2. No manicure for my fingers. A few friends who had this done wound up having it removed at the hospital b/c I think they needed to check blood profusion (or maybe for the finger heart monitor). I did do toes though - I figured I'd be looking at them for awhile!
    3. Brought a robe and did use it when I walked to the nursery.

    4. Brought slippers - but threw them out after - you can pick up a lot of ick at a hospital.

    5. didn't bring music. Watched TV while waiting to delivery

    6. Brought pillows and definitely used them.

    7. I think I brought a book - but I never opened it. I found I was pretty busy after she arrived!

    8. the hospital ones - they are INDUSTRIAL strength! Go with them. They also have pads with ice packs which, trust me, you will be grateful for.

    9. Used the hospital's and took the extras home!

    10. Just brought a coming home outfit.

    11. Brought one for coming home, but never used it. Used the hospital's and took extras home (which they allowed). A good friend of mine told me to take everything not nailed down as you will need it - we did take it and we did certainly need it!

  2. 1. I wore my own clothing.

    2. My nails were painted (clear coat).

    3. I brought a robe from home.

    4. I wore very warm socks!

    5. I didn't labour in the hospital.

    6. I used the pillows that were provided.

    7. I didn't bring anything. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance because I was pushing the baby out at home.

    8. I brought my own pads but used their HUGE diaper-esque ones.

    9. We brought diapers from home but used there's (they were the same - Pampers Newborn)

    10. We brought 2 outfits from home for our son (newborn and size 0-3).

    11. We used the blankets at the hospital.


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