Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A little late but hey, it's here!

Today we had our 29 week OB appointment. All was well, as normal. Junior gave the nurse a run for her money.. everytime she tried to get his heart rate on the doppler, he'd flip over to where she couldn't find it at all. She spent a good 20 minutes chasing him around, before he finally gave up and stayed in one position. Heart rate was a beautiful 146bpm, the lowest it's been at the normal range. I say that only because at 6w it was like 122 but it had only been beating for a couple days so it was just getting going.
My blood pressure was great, as usual. I am up 1 more pound which puts me at 13 pounds, total. My belly is still measuring a week early (30cm.) when I don't actually hit 29w till tomorrow. I am hoping that this is an indication that Junior would like to come a week early. That'd be nice. One can hope, right?

7 months. 7 months and 2 weeks that you've been in my belly. Swaying, rocking, kicking, punching, doing anything and everything you feel like, when you feel like it. Your personality has come out so much this past month. It's so weird to think that I have a son and you're in my belly, growing away and soon, VERY SOON, you'll be entering my life and I'll begin to wonder how life seemed to exist before you were here. I absolutely love being pregnant with you. You've made this whole transition to Pregnant-Mommyhood very easy for me and I thank you so kindly. You have given me the gift of an unusually easy pregnancy and I couldn't be any happier.
It has gotten to the point now that you definitely show Mommy and Daddy what you want. For some reason you don't seem to like it much when Daddy touches Mommy's belly. Everytime he even gets close you start kicking like a wild man. I'm not sure if you're telling him, "NO TOUCH!", or if you're just trying to say hello? Regardless, everytime he does touch or rub my belly, you tend to kick his hand, multiple times, until he stops, then you settle back down and go back to sleep. It's quite comical if you ask me, he he he.
You've definitely gotten big enough to where you're starting to run out of room. I can tell because you're now starting to headbutt my ribcage, at the same time, kicking my lower uterus as if to scream to me that you're getting squished in there and are trying to find more space somewhere. I don't know what to tell you, buddy, but you're only going to get more and more squished in there. However, I can promise that you'll have PLENTY of room once you're out here in Mommy's and Daddy's arms. It won't be long now.
My favorite time of day is when you're real active and I can just sit and watch you move. Usually this is in the afternoon, after lunch, then again before bed. You're always active right when it gets time to settle down and get some sleep. I'm hoping you grow out of this REALLY quickly. Mommy will need her sleep, too, ya know.
I love you my little man. We continue to wait out here, as patiently as we can. Knowing that soon, you'll join us and we sincerely can't wait for that day.
I love you more than you can imagine!
Your Mommy


  1. So glad your pregnancy continues to go perfectly! Loved your letter to your little man. What a lucky guy he is!

  2. What a great letter! I'm sure he'll treasure it when he's older! :)


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