Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling Rushed & Unprepared - Eight Months

Dear my funny little man,

Once again another month has passed. Another month of you honing your skills as the next NFL kicker for the Seattle Seahawks. Another month of life has passes us and sometimes I feel as if I slept throught it all. I simply cannot comprehend how it seems as if the weeks are C.R.A.W.L.I.N.G by but the days and months seem to pass without warning. Before we know it, you'll bless us with your presence and we'll often look back and try to remember what life was like before you were here. The memories are already starting to fade.

This month has been an interesting month, to say the least. We've been blessed by 3 doctors appointments, this month, as well as Grammi and Poppi have come for a visit. We were also able to tour our hospital, the one in which you will be born. It truly is amazing. We couldn't imgaine having you any place more wonderful. We were also blessed to have Grammi and Poppi, in town, to tour the hospital with us. They were simply amazed.

Not only was Grammi and Poppi down for the hospital tour, but Grammi was also here to help take me (and you) to the hospital when Mommy was having a lot of cramping and pains in her belly. Thankfully, after a couple hours of monitoring, it turns out we were perfectly find and the pains were normal "Round Ligament Pains". I am so thankful that Daddy and Grammi were there, though. It was quite scary for Mommy but we're so overjoyed, thankful and extremely blessed that you were in there safe and sound.

It was quite funny to watch you on the monitor. The nurse was trying to get the monitor set up on you and you proceeded to try and convince her otherwise. You kept kicking the monitor, as if threatening bodily harm, if she didn't remove it. It was quite comical to watch. You are my little funny man... that is for sure!

This month, we were also blessed to receive another ultrasound of you. You were just as cute, if not cuter, than we remembered. If that's possible. You were already head down and were cuddling up to our placenta, just like past times. You also still had your hands up blocking your face from any good profile shots. Turkey. Things seem to be going very well for you "on the inside" and I pray that they continue.

For 33 weeks gestation... our book says that you should be around 4 pounds and 19" tall, from the tip of your head to the bottom of your foot. What a BIG boy, you've become, already! Only a few more weeks and you'll be here for us to love, hold, see and KISS! We can't wait. Honestly!

We love you with Everything we have,
♥ Your Momma and Your Daddy ♥



  1. I bet you're loving seeing your little man on the ultrasound technician's screen :) Soon enough you will be holding him in your arms, tears of joy unfolding from your eyes and your heart will be filling with the most amazing, purest love you could ever imagine. Soon, very soon!

  2. Oh that is so cool! We only got the early ultrasounds (which is good for us as they only do more when there's a problem, but we so wanted more of them!).

    Those round ligament pains are a pain, huh?!


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