Monday, July 26, 2010

Eight Months: 8 AMAZING months!!

Dear My Sweet Face,

A beautiful personality. A quirky smile.
When I look into your eyes I can see your soul.
Expressive, courageous, inquisitive.
You're always ready to go.

Days go by. I wonder how.
Time seems to have stood still.
Every moment with you, my sweet face,
is more than I could have ever dreamed of.

Your precious life represents everything perfect in the world.
I can't remember life before you.
You make me smile, everday.
You mean so much to your Daddy and I.

Be true, my little one, as you always are.
Because GOD loves you, we love you.
Forever and ever.
And always.

Little J,

You've accomplished so much in the last month. I can imagine how much more you'll accomplish in the next couple. Your growth amazes me and every day you learn something new. I can't seem to keep up with each new activity as I try to relish each milestone and while I do so, you're off accomplishing something else. I just try to pick up my jaw and watch in amazement.

You are such an easy baby. A wonderful boy. I can't believe your personality. You're always in a great mood and you're always flirting and smiling to everyone around you. You stop people, every where we go. We can't take you anywhere without people stopping to talk to you, or just marvel at your gorgeous smile, your beautiful eyes or your amazingly cute teeth. Oh and how you love it, too.

Some of the new things you've done this month is you've moved another step forward in the 'crawling' world. You still get up on all fours and will take a step *here and there* but have yet to move yourself anywhere. You still prefer your one armed army crawl and use it to get everywhere. You still have two teeth but are working on many more. I'm sure they'll all blow through, soon. Here's your "to-do's" as of 8 months:

first giggle - 03/02
first time in your crib - 03/04
first time falling asleep alone - 03/08
first roll (belly to back) - 03/11
first roll (back to belly) - 03/17
first 360* roll - 03/17
first bite of food (sweet potatoes) - 04/04
started solids - 04/11
first flight - 04/14
first trip to the beach - 04/14
first trolley ride - 04/17
first boat ride - 04/17
first time rolling to sleep on your belly - 05/05
first time in your own room - 05/05
first day without a 'BINK' - 05/18
first tooth (bottom left) - 05/23
second tooth (bottom right) - 05/30
learned to clap - 06/05
first scoot - 06/06
started scooting - 06/16
first word (dad) - 06/28
As I always say, my little one. We're so happy to have you in our lives and we really couldn't have been given a better baby. You're amazing in so many ways and we'll always love you way more than you know.
Forever. And ever. And Always.


This was written as of the 12th... he's now 8.5 months!!!


  1. How amazing that you have such a detailed list of firsts...I'm feeling a little inadequate now!

  2. Wow - your list is so detailed! I agree with Sara - I'm totally inadequate. I just barely remember to write down the big ones!

    BTW, his picture is SO CUTE! You do have a charmer there!

  3. He is such a cutie!

    You've inspired me to start my own list (as opposed to random notes and entries)! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Please, ladies! You're not inadequate! I'm sure there are many things you do with your little ones that I don't do, either. This is just one thing that I have kept up with as I have nothing from my childhood. Pictures, notes, letters, items, etc. I want my son to have things from his childhood that he'll be able to show his children.

  5. This is such a sweet post and you have such a sweet son! I'm following you!

  6. What a nice letter! I love writing Bailey letters also! I am overdue on her 9 month one! You are so good at keep milestones! YAY! Happy 8 months little one :)


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