Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From Bum to Pail - The Nitty Gritty

If you ask 100 people exactly how they cloth diaper, I bet you'll get 100 different answers. Everyone has their own style, their own system and something may work differently for every single person. Here's a chance for you to find something that may work better for you or give you some new tips or tricks that may help make things a little easier when it comes to diapering your baby.

This is a unique link-up opportunity, hosted by The Cheap and Choosy, My new life as...MOM!, Home Grown Families and Trees Will Bend to share your system and to see a lot of other mom's ideas in one place! Please join in the fun and make this a link-up party that will help many new to cloth moms and be a fun experience for fluff addicts!

What's your diapering system and organization? Just post about it and link up! Make sure you link back to this post so that lots more moms can come see all our ideas right in one place!

As I've said before, my system is to make it as simple and easy as possible. Who wants to spend a good half hour trying to change the baby's diaper? All the diapers and wipes are preped as soon as they come out of the dryer or off the line so here's how my system works:
  • Place baby on the changing table and remove clothes.
  • Remove the soiled diaper and set aside.
  • Use super fab cloth wipe and clean off baby's bottom.
  • Place soiled wipes in the diaper pail and let baby's bum air dry.
  • Remove preped diaper from drawer beneath changing pad and place on baby.
  • Replace cloths and return the baby to playing, etc.
  • Then all diapers get gets sprayed of, wrung out and then placed in the pail.
  • Then I wash my hands and use a squirt of hand sanitizer.


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