Monday, July 26, 2010

Overstock Dot Com

Lately I've been searching around for great sites that have great supplies at great prices. Another one that I found, that I'm sure many of you know about, is They have just about anything you could hope for and some. Their prices are competitive and you receive free shipping on your first order!

I'm always looking for great products for my family and Overstock has them! We've been looking for some men shoes for my husband for a while now and they have some great ones to choose from, for sure. As any mother, father, grandparent, or anyone who's taken care of a child may know, we're always on the hunt for great children's clothing for Little J.

One of the things my husband is always on a hunt for is great camping and hiking gear. It doesn't matter the season or the weather, he's always on the hunt for some good camping supplies.

Me, not so much. I'm always looking at things to help my life as a mom be a little easier. Especially around the house. I HATE to do chores and housecleaning is at the bottom of my list. Ask Big J. I loathe it. I'd much rather be out doing something fun. Regardless, finding great cleaning products that can help me out and make it much faster and more efficient is a BIG hit with me. Like a great vacuum cleaner, it's a must in our house. We have a German Shepherd Dog and she has a medium coat and if you don't have a good vacuum, you'll pay for it later and so will the baby. He'd be crawling around on the floor with hair stuck to his hands, his face, etc. YUCK. That's a no go.

Another thing we find ourselves buying a lot is bedding and bath supplies. We're always changing up our bedding to fit our decor and it's something that makes us happy. To crawl into fresh clean sheets and when they're new, that's just a bonus. 

If you haven't given Overstock a try, you should look into it!

This was not a paid posting and my own statements were used. I will receive compensation for including their links, however, I was able to choose the links that I included. Affiliate links were not used.

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  1. I love I have used them numerous times. One of the things that I love most about them is the fact that they have 1 shipping rate!!! $3.95, I think. I recently purchased two sets of blackout curtains from them and am completely satisfied... along with other purchases. They are definitely a go-to online store, especially as a Military family living overseas!


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