Monday, July 05, 2010

Twitter Hop Tuesday - Week 4

Welcome to the fourth edition of Twitter Hop Tuesday, hosted by My new life as... MOM, Simplify With Sybil and The Hubbs Family! It's great to see you! Please have fun following all those that you would like. There's no minimum or maximum limit to follow. Do what you want and feel comfortable with. Please use your twitter handle as your link title, like spot #1!! We format our links like this in case our links aren't working people can still find us using our twitter handle. Thanks and have fun! Oh and please link to your twitter account, ONLY. Blog posts, website links and any other spam link will be deleted.

Please add your twitter handle, ONLY! It messes up the formatting to add other wording such as "I WILL FOLLOW BACK", it's also unfair to those who format their link correctly. Thank you so much!

NAME: @YourUserName


  1. Thanks for the great linky!!!


  2. Hello, I'm so sorry, I'm the person who can't seem to follow simple directions, I have somehow put an entire url in the spot where my @SandraCharron should be....delete me, I can't seem to do it from my end...again, so sorry!

  3. Thanks for hosting! Have a great day!!!

  4. Hi! I'm creating a blog hop master list on my blog, Twee Poppets, and I'd love to include this blog hop! I just need to know what time the linky opens and closes each week (please include day of the week, time, and time zone). If you could respond with this info on my blog ( or via email (, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! :)


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