Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 Things for Thumper

The other day, I was reading a friends blog, here, and LOVED the idea of looking toward the future. I would really like to think about this time next year and where we'll be. I stole this idea, so please head on over and read her's, too.

Ten Things I'd Like To Do With Thumper, This Time Next Year:

This time next year, we will have a 5 month old little one. Girl or boy, we don't yet know, however, regardless of the gender, we're going to have a fabulous time.

1. I would like to sit Thumper in the fresh spring grass, and watch our precious love explore the new surroundings.

2. I would like to hold Thumper on the front porch and wait for Daddy to come home from work, to be his special greeting committee.

3. I would like to hold Thumper on the back porch while Daddy lights up the barbecue and cooks us a fabulous dinner.

4. I would like to take Thumper on the first swimming trip of the season, to get our precious love acustomed to the water while Thumper is young.

5. I would like to take Thumper on the first camping trip of the season, either in the backyard, or somewhere far away, doesn't matter, where ever it is, we'll have fun.

6. I would like to take Thumper for evening walks with Daddy, while the temperature is moderate. Not freezing but not too warm.

7. I would like to take Thumper's Spring pictures, basking in the sunlight of the day.

8. I would like to start taking Thumper to a mommy&me class.

9. I would like to start having bbq's so friends and family can come over and see Thumper whenever they want, now that cold season will be over.

10. I would like to cuddle Thumper and have family time every evening before bed.

We're so stoked to meet our precious Thumper and have this bundle of joy join our family. We couldn't be any happier!!!


  1. All such wonderful things :)

  2. Okay.... once again STEPHANIE!!! I got those darn tears in my eyes again... Everytime! LOL

    Sound like the perfect plans... I can't wait for you to experience the beauty of creating a little one. ;) Have fun girl!


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