Sunday, April 26, 2009

17 Days & Preparations

Good news & even better news!!

17 days till I hit the glorified second trimester!! I can't believe how much time has passed and how quickly it has gone. It seems as if the days crawl by, but yet it seems the weeks have zoomed and it was just last week that we got married and started trying. It has been 4 years (about) since we started trying and we couldn't be any happier that it's happening now. We're (fairly!) settled and have quite a few debts paid off. We've re-negotiated our life and re-catagorized our priorities. We decided that now was the time that we stopped spending as if we were carefree, as we would eventually have to pay it back, and decided that now was the time to use our extra cash to pay off the things that needed to be paid off. We have been well on our way ever since and haven't looked back. Now couldn't be a more perfect time to bring a little one into the world, now that our debts have been paid off and we have less bills per month.

2nd Trimester: Things I look forward to!
(in no particular order, as I can't wait for ALL of them!)
  • Hearing Thumper's heart beat for the very first time. We've seen our precious baby's heart beat 3 different times now, however, we have yet to hear it. Our next OB appointment is on Monday, May 18, 2009 and I'll be 13w5d. I am so excited that I may have the chance to listen to our babies heart beat then.
  • Seeing our precious Thumper, again. Like I've said before, we've seen our baby 3 different times and yet every time it gets more and more exciting and I end up falling more and more in love with our precious little Bunny.
  • Feeling our little Thumper kick, squirm, and bounce about in his warm, watery quarters. I have felt a few flutters here and there and we KNOW that this little one is moving as we've seen it on Ultrasound 2 different times now, however, I believe the flutters are due to gas and extra air bubbles and a slowed intestine, so we have yet to feel an actual movement.
  • Watching our baby grow. Each day brings about new joys in pregnancy and it's so fun to read how your baby is growing each and every week. Being compared to a different sized fruit or vegetable in the produce section and learn or practicing a new task. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that ALL this is going on inside MY uterus (which happens to be the size of a large grapefruit, right now, if you were curious?!)
  • Learning more about our little Thumper. We can't wait for our 20 week ultrasound. We just want to know that our baby is healthy and developing normally. Doing IVF can cause your risk for Down Syndrome to increase slightly, so we're looking forward to learning all we can about our little one and making sure that everything is okay. Also, just as importantly, we're excited to see if our little Bunny will be willing to show the goods for us at our 20 week ultrasound. We have names all picked out and can't wait to see if we're going to have a sweet baby boy "little J" or if we'll be having a precious little girl, "ami". However, whatever our baby is, we could care less, we love our baby regardless.

Only 17 days, and counting!!

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