Thursday, April 16, 2009

9w Ultrasound Pictures

Here's the latest of our little Thumper!

9 weeks 1 day along, although Thumper is measuring 9 weeks 4 days. That's okay. We may just have a tall baby. I wouldn't be surprised as my brother and most everyone else in my family is around 6 foot.

(below - heart rate is on the left, graphed out)

Isn't Thumper precious?!
Now, I thought I'd mention that these U/S pics aren't going to be as great as the last 2 sets because this U/S was transabdominal and the last two sets have been transvaginal, so it has to go through more tissue in the abdomen to get the picture. But still, that's our little baby and we love our little Thumper so much!


  1. Don't you just love seeing the baby?!?!?
    Take care of you :)

  2. Awee how cute! Looking good girl... I can't believe just how fast it's moving along. Hard to think that in just 32 WEEKS your gonna be a momma! Wahooooo. Let me know if you need anything, Im only a hop..skip..and a jump awayyyyyyy. ;0)


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