Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blossoming Belly

Um, this is starting to scare me. Since finding out I've been pregnant, I've gone from 139.9 pounds, down to 128.0 pounds. I have LOST 11.9 pounds and yet I've gone from this:

To this!!!!

At our last OB visit, our doctor had mentioned that with my body style, small and petite, the baby really has no place to go, but up and out, which is why I may be showing so early, however, I am only 11 weeks and I have a feeling that by the time I make it to 30, I'm going to be the size of a moose.

If that's not scary enough, I haven't been able to gain ANY weight in these last 11 weeks. I'm still down 12 pounds and I've been eating full meals every 3 or so hours, and not one pound has been gained back. Everytime I get on the scale, it shows that I've lost more. NOT GOOD!

Dr. OB had mentioned at our last visit that she's worried that I'll be one of those people who have a hard time gaining enough weight for the baby, even though our "must-be-reached-but-MUST-not-go-over" goal is only 20 pounds, she's wondering if I'll even be able to hit that. I didn't get what she meant at the time, but I am understanding it now. My body is so small and tiny that all the nutrients that's being put in my body, is being eaten alive by the baby so there isn't much left for me in the end. Which is why I'm not gaining weight.

I have been eating very good foods, nothing too oily, sugary, greasy, etc. I've been trying to eat as healthy as I can, however sometimes those cravings can get to a girl. I've been eating my "normal" way, really, since finding out and even though I've been nauseas after each meal, I've still been chugging it down, hoping, that I may gain at least one pound.

I go back to see Dr. OB on May 18th, 2009, so if I get on the scale there and still haven't gained anything, then I'll talk to her then and see how she feels about it.

Regardless of my weight gain, (aka LOSS!) my belly is still blossoming better than ever! I've also started to feel the round ligament pains. They started the other night and have continued off and on. Not painful, just there. Kind of cool, actually.

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