Sunday, April 19, 2009

When's too early?!

So I will be 10 weeks on Wednesday, with this little Thumper, and so far, here's Thumper's closet:

(and I thought I'd add that the picture tends to make the cloths look blue, they're not, they're actually green. Odd how that happened)

We have over 43 items hanging in the closet, alone, not to mention some cloths in the dresser. The cloths in the bottom of the dresser are Annabelle's old cloths, so they are pink, but we're saving them incase this Thumper is a girl. We'll see in due time.

Would you say 10w is too early?!

I think this baby is going to be SPOILED, because this is only stuff we've gotten the baby. Noone else has gotten anything and everyone around us has already had their kids and haven't gotten to buy for any babies in a while, so everyone is on edge waiting to see what we're having.

This should be funny.

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  1. What a great closet! We haven't started shopping yet, though I think I'm going to buy a high chair today on craigslist.
    My due date is nov. 20th and we're really excited to know what the sex is. I'm not sure when it is that we can find out.
    What about you?


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