Thursday, November 05, 2009


Last weeks progres compared to this weeks progress... then a little doctor's office conversation.

last weeks - THIS WEEKS

Gestation: 37 weeks - 38 WEEKS
Fetal Heart Rate: 174bpm - 146BPM
My Weight: 153lbs - 153LBS
Belly: 37cm - 38CM
Cervix: 3cm - 3CM
Effacement: 70% - 70%
Station: -1 - -1

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥

Dr K (as she's checking my cervix...) "Cervix is still a 3 and 70%, minus 1 station and that's great! Are you ready to be induced next Wednesday evening?"

Me: "YES, please!!!"

Dr. K: "Awesome! I'll set that up!"

Hubz: "So.... what do we do for that? Do we just come in or do we need to call or what do we do?"

Dr. K: "I'm going to run and get all your paperwork and I'll schedule it in the system. That way, all you'll have to do is call them before you leave and let them know you're on your way.. then show up."

Hubz: "oh! okay, sounds simple enough!"

(Dr K runs to grab the paperwork while I get changed back into my cloths - then she comes back)

Dr K: "Okay so Wednesday around 6pm, you'll call to let them know you're on your way. Show up a little before 7 so we can get you in and set up. We'll put your IV in at 7pm and start your pitocin. Once you get a few contractions going, we'll break your water."


♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥~ ♥ ~ ♥

So listen up, little man: You have 6 days.. count them, S.I.X. If you're not here by then... or starting to come on your own. Dr K is going to evict you. Don't make her be a mean Dr. I swear, to you, that you'll love it out here "on the outside". It really isn't to bad!

I love you my little man and I'll see you soon!

Stephanie M.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say congratulations on your little miracle! Many blessings and prayers for a super fast and easy labor!


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