Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Tomorrow is a big day in our family. Tomorrow is the Monkey's 2 week well baby check up. Even though he'll only be 1 week and 6 days old. Close enough. Not only does he have a 2 week check up where they WILL stick his foot for a blood test. This is also the day that he will be circumcised. (for those of you who don't agree with circumcision.. that's okay. I value your right to make the best decision for your family and I expect you to do the same for our family.) It's a choice we've thought about over and over again and somehow we keep coming to the same conclusion. It just seems right for our family.

The hardest part will be making him "fast" for the hour and a half before his proceedure. They strap the babies arms and legs down so they don't curl up and have limbs in the way, and the last thing they want to happen is for them to vomit and choke while strapped down to the table, so therefore, they want him to have an almost empty belly. The proceedure should only take 10 minutes, to which my husband will be there. He's decided that if he's going to put his son through the same process he went through, the least he can do is be there to comfort him as much as possible. Ultimately, I left the decision up to him because honestly, he's the one that has the penis and he's the one who's been through it before. If it came down to whether or not we'd do something similar for our daughter, the decision would have been up to me. It only seemed fair.

I am going to be an emotional reck tomorrow as I can't see him be in that much pain, but thankfully my husband has agreed to let me stay behind. We have talked to the doctor and he said that they'd be MORE than happy to put me up in a room, to wait, so as soon as he is done they can rush him over to me to nurse. I'm praying that things go well and that there are no issues, however, I do have full confidence in our doctors and nursing staff.

I'll update tomorrow as I have more details about how things went.

Stephanie M.


  1. :D I am sure everything went ok, since I have seen you online. I hope little J is doing good. I am with you, I couldn't be in the room, so daddy went with D. Happy Thanksgiving hope it is a good and fulfilling one.


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