Monday, November 09, 2009


In approximately 48 hours, I will be packing myself up and taking my happy butt to the hospital to be induced. Well, let me rephrase that... I will be packing myself up and my husband will be taking my happy butt to the hospital, to be induced. If I can take his driving, that is. I may have to drive myself, just for the fun of it.

I will be admitted and given my IV and my pitocin will be started at 7pm. Shortly thereafter, my Dr.K will break my water and we'll cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Now... here's the problem. What the heck am I supposed to do for these last 48 hours? We've already done 99.9999% of the cleaning, 100% of the packing, 100% of the shopping to get all of our needed items. Now what?

What did you do before your child was born?

Stephanie M.


  1. Hmm - for me, I probably repacked several times! Oh - and my husband redid our kitchen in the very last weeks before our daughter arrived!

    I wouldn't so much recommend those.

    I did also get my toenails painted - as I couldn't reach them and figured I'd be seeing a lot of them during labor. (Note - pick a color that doesn't look awful when you've done nothing with it 2 or 3 weeks later...) And we went out to dinner before our trip to the hospital (I was also induced). My friends all recommended going to the movies, as they all said that that's impossible post-child. The problem is at 38 weeks pregnant, you can't go 2 hours without a bathroom trip!

    So I'd vote for a pedicure (even a pregnancy massage if you're really thinking big - that might take out the need for induction!) and going out to dinner with your husband for a little last romantic couple time.

  2. SLEEP!
    Totally get a pedicure and a haircut!!!
    OMG yes have dinner alone for the last time in a long time!

  3. My recommendation is to have lots of sex, stimulate your nipples (either by hand or by breast pump) and see an acupuncturist to start labor on it's own!! :) I've seen the contraction spikes from pit vs. natural ones and my my they are big spikes! And I'd also say to do some looking into the whole doctor breaking your bag of waters. It can sometimes make labor more painful b/c baby has lost that cushion of water above his or her head and it doesn't always speed up labor.

    GOOD LUCK!! Can't wait to see pictures! :)

  4. Um. I have no idea, I can't remember! I think we watched a movie at home? Or cooked dinner together? Or sat around bitching about how long it was taking to get that baby into the world? I HAVE NO IDEA!

    Good luck tomorrow! I'm so excited for you!!

  5. Ohhh yes, make it a date! Go out and have fun with your hubby! Do something for yourself because after tomorrow.... Your not going to find "me" time for a while. Unless that is... you want me to come babysit while you go out on a date with hubby! HEHE! Ohh I'd love to! ;) Love you girl and good luck with EVERYTHING!!! I am so excited for you to finally be a momma you have always dreamed of! Your going to do great!


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