Sunday, November 08, 2009


Once I found out I was pregnant, I started looking into many different "baby wearing" products. I looked at everything from a Snugli's, Mai Tai'sHot Slings, Maya Wraps, to any other type of child wearing product out there. After much thought, research and review reading.. I decided that the Moby Wrap was for me and my family. It just looked perfect. No thin straps creating pressure, no buckles, no over the shoulder pressure from slings, etc. I just couldn't be happier.

Then, as I got ready to purchase, I decided to try ONE more option. Instead of buying one Moby Wrap for $40. How much would it cost to make one? Is it even possible? How much work will I be getting myself into?!

I googled "making your own Moby Wrap" and was supprised by the results:

"you can make your own moby wrap... WITHOUT sewing!"

"you can make a moby wrap for $5!!!"

"it's so easy and only takes a few simple steps!"

"I love my homemade moby wrap and so does my baby!"

I instantly jumped off my computer, ran to the local fabric store (in my case; Wal-Mart) and purchased 5 yards of 100% Cotton, Double Brushed, Baby Blue Flannel. It has a bit of stretch to it and doesn't need to be hemmed when cut. I also purchased 3 packages of super cute decals to put on the front of the wrap. The best part about all this... not only did I get enough to make one wrap.. I got enough to make 2 wraps!!!! The fabric is wide enough that all you have to do is cut it down the middle (length ways!) and voila!

It litterally took me less than 30 minutes to make BOTH of my wraps. That also includes the time it took me to stop every few minutes to take pictures.

Here's what you do:

Grab your supplies:

1. 5-6 yards of 100% Cotton fabric of your choice.
2. Decals of your choice (optional!).
3. A nice sharp pair of scissors.
4. A measuring tape, a ruler, etc.

Lay out your fabric. You will have a REALLY long piece that is folded in half. (KEEP IT THAT WAY!) Measure the length you need. I cut my directly in half which gave me two wraps that were 22" wide. Some fabric is wider so you'll want anything from 20"-30" wide. You choose.

Cut along your folds or your pre-determined measurements. Again, mine was directly in half, which gave me 2 - 22" wide wraps.

Peel the two wraps apart. Set one aside. Fold each end of the first wrap together, length wise, to determine the middle point. Place something to mark your spot.

Place your decals in the middle of your wrap, directly under your middle point marker. Situate them as you'd like them.

Place a towel under your wrap and over your decal. Iron on, as directed, to adhere the decal to the wrap fabric.

Remove towel and make sure decal is secure around all sides and points.

Tie your wrap on as directed on the Moby Site. You can get directions here.

VOILA!! You now have TWO beautiful, homemade wraps to use for your little one.

*please excuse the teddy bear.. my little man isn't here yet. please also excuse the 38.75 week belly, it makes the wrap fit a little awkward around the midsection but thankfully it won't be there when I need it gone.*

ONE Standard Moby Wrap Price: $39.95

How much I spent:

5 yards flannel fabric: $14.85
3 sets of decals: $5.91

Now tell me that's NOT a bargain!!

Stephanie M.


  1. Wraps are great! I love cleaning the house and wearing Cordi in the wrap, walking is also awesome!

    For quick in and outs consider a sling! Once you start wearing your baby you will never want to stop!!!!!! It is one of the many things I miss of babyhood!

  2. I think you'll love the wrap! =) We got ours as a hand-me-down from friends of ours, but I use it every single day (almost all day long) and have since Charlotte was born, so I know with Baby #2, I will probably make another one or two like you did.

    Although I second Chelle's comment that a sling is a quick in and out, I also think they're tougher to use in general, especially in the early weeks when the baby's head isn't too stable. I just wear the wrap all day, even if the baby is down for a nap. That way I don't have to fix it when she wants to be carried =)

  3. Thank you , thank you, thank you!!! I wanted a moby wrap and couldn't find one to register for! So I registered for a sling - which was not as good and my daughter hated it. Since we had that sling and some hand me down baby bjorns, I didn't think I could justify laying out another $40 on a moby wrap (which she might not like). I can totally justify this!


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