Thursday, December 17, 2009


Okay.. first off, have you noticed that I've posted a blog 3 days in a row?! GO ME!

This year has been kind of crazy when it comes to Christmas shopping. We don't start Christmas shopping until the first week of December due to my impatience when it comes to giving people their gifts. In my family I am known for giving everyone their gifts early. Birthdays, Christmas, anyday.. if I have a gift for someone, you can safely bet that it will get to them before the festivities or celebrations. I just can't seem to keep a gift in my house, unused, unopened, unloved. I must share.

This year we started around the first weekend, or so. We got all of the items that would need to be shipped, first. We ordered all of our families gifts online and had them shipped to us so they could be wrapped, re-packed and re-shipped to their houses. Then once that was completed, we started purchasing our "in house" family gifts. The gifts that would be going under our tree, this year.

I got a Keurig Coffee Maker for my husband. Costco had a REALLY nice one on sale for $139. I couldn't pass it up. I was going to wait a weekend and come back to get it but I'm very glad I didn't because when I did come back, they didn't have anymore. I don't know if they'll be getting anymore shipments of it, or not, but I picked mine up and it's now wrapped and under the tree.

We got The Monkey a super cute playpen that he's going to LOVE. Perfect timing, too, because he's five weeks old (FIVE. WEEKS.) and he's just starting to get into his toys. I think he sat and told his little frog mobile toy a hour long story the other day, it was way too cute. We also got him about 50 little toys; rattles, blocks, balls, etc. His last big gift that we have yet to pick up is his bouncer. I'm also going to try talking Senior into getting him a Bumbo so he can work on sitting up on his own a little more.

We have yet to shop for me, but this year.. I'll be getting cloths. I need them horribly bad after having a baby in November and being pregnant since February. My body has changed dramatically and things no longer fit the way they used to. My shirts are now very tight in the bust (due to nursing) and my pants no longer fit in the hips. I'm tired of trying to squeeze (and I mean S.Q.U.E.E.Z.E!) into them only to have them barely button up due to my hips being too wide. Thankfully, we'll be doing that this weekend.

We only have a few more things to grab, wrap up and take to my moms for Christmas, thankfully. I can't wait to get it done and be on our way to Grandma's house. I can't help but sing the following:

"Over the hills and through the woods to Grandma's house we go!"

Stephanie M.

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