Saturday, December 26, 2009


This, by far, has been the very best Christmas... EVER! We went to bed around 12:45am on Christmas morning after putting ginger cookies down for santa, along with some milk. Santa worked his magic, as well as Mrs. Claus. She makes all the stockings for the little boys and girls. At least she does in our house. Then we all went to sleep. We woke up at 6:30am to THE MONKEY wanting to eat. Perfect timing as our alarm was set to go off at 7am. I nursed him in bed.. then we all went out as a family to see if Santa came and to see what he brought us.

Poor MONKEY. He lasted through his stocking and into the first 2-3 gifts.. then he was OUT.

We were all spoiled this year.. Santa brought THE MONKEY many gifts that he LOVED and very much needed. Rattles, balls, teethers, keys, a play mat and a very cool bouncer. He didn't spent much time with his toys yesterday morning but he did taken a pretty nice nap in his bouncer that he got.

Once gifts were opened.. we went to breakfast with a great group of friends. She had to work and happens to waitress at a restaurant, in town, so we went to her work for breakfast. It was very nice of her to wait on us and provide excellent service!

After breakfast we spent the day at a friends house. THE MONKEY was dressed to impress and everyone LOVED his outfit and his behavior. He such a GREAT baby!

Once home we got to spend the evening playing with our toys... I'm loving my son so much! He's such a great baby and he is THE only thing that I wanted for Christmas and he's made this Christmas so very special to both me and Senior.

Stephanie M.


  1. oh my gosh he is so cute!! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!


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