Thursday, December 03, 2009


With all the holiday cheer going around this Christmas it's about time that I pay it forward. Thanks to Nicole over at Much More Than A Mom, she inspired me to participate in her little giveaway that she had going on, as well as create one of my own. Not only is she an amazing mom, she's a truly good friend who's always there to offer some great advice when someone is in need. (and sometimes not but hey, it's great advice and it's FREE! - What more could you ask for?)

Here are the rules:

The first 5 people to post a comment here will get a gift from me. This gift will be chosen, by me, with you in mind. If you have kids, it may be for or about them. If you don't have kids, but love your pets just the same, it may be for or about them.

As Nicole has stated, I cannot guarentee that you'll love your gift, but I hope you will.

I do have a year (12 months) to get you the gift but it will NOT take that long. How boring would that be?

You do NOT have to review the item that I send to you.

Here is what you do have to do:

1. You must do something similar on your blog and pay it forward to the first 5 commenters on your blog.

2. You must take a picture of the item that I sent to you and write about it on your blog, once you receive the item. It does not have to be a review or a big long post about what the item is, what it does, or where it's made.. but just something simple saying that you did receive it and how awesome I am for sending it to you. *you do NOT have to link back to me because my blog is private and they won't be able to see it, anyway.*

So... are you in?

Stephanie M.


  1. If I had a blog I would be completely in... but I don't. :( Thats okay though, because I do have a pay it forward story. I was getting lunch one day in a drive thru and the person inside payed for mine, the car in front of and behind me with the cashier telling us to pay it forward. (this was around Christmas time) so I took my lunch money and gave it to a co-worker that I knew was in need so she could have lunch, instead she gave it to a man that lived on the streets with his dog. We found out that instead of buying himself food he bought food for his dog. The son of my co-work participated in a white elephant gift exchanged and received the movie Pay It Forward. :) I thought it was a great way to end the year!!

  2. Im in!!! ;) and I DO have a blog and think this would be really fun!


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