Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I've earned my first mother of the year award. It should have been worst mother of the year, however. My husband and I have spent the last few weeks Christmas shopping, like most families and amid one of our shopping trips, I earned said badge.

I have been eyeing the Iphone by AT&T and while in Wal-Mart.. we spotted a couple on display. Two young teens (13ish..) happened to be playing with them and so we waited patiently until they finished. They finished whatever it was that they were doing, returned the Iphones to their bases and walked off.

I should pause to say that lately.. I've been carrying THE MONKEY around in a sling. He gets tired easily and it's easy for him to sleep in there without having to move him around in the stroller, car seat, carts, etc. Plus I'm warmer than his cold seats so it's comforts me to know that he's warm and toasty in such cold weather.

Anyway, back to the story.

THE MONKEY was sleeping away in his sling while I proceeded to go check out the infamous Iphones. For some reason I figured since we were at wal-mart, the phones would be attached to their bases with some cheap fixation device.. like Velcro? So when I pulled the phone off the base, I pulled with force! Well.. when I did.. I whacked my son... in the head... with the Iphone. Great.

It turns out that it wasn't connected with Velcro. It was attached with a pansy little friggin magnet.

I immediately looked at his face and it was beat red.. squished in anguish and his mouth was wide open in the "Get-read-for-it-because-I'm-about-to-wail" face. I felt soooooo bad. I was absolutely sure that he was going to have a dark bruise the next day. He didn't. I kept checking his head over and over making sure he was okay. It was so sad.

The only thing I kept thinking was.. "good job, mom! Give you infant son a concussion. Yep, mother of the year!"

Then.. as I'm nursing him this afternoon... I'm clipping his nails while he's not really paying attention to me. He's preoccupied with nursing and it's my free time to bug him without him getting pissed. So what do I do?! I cut his little pointer finger, of course. It turns read and starts bleeding. Not bad, I do have to say.. about as bad as a pin prick would create but I still feel like a huge bum.

My poor son.
Stephanie M.


  1. Aawww don't feel too bad, it happens to all of us :)

    When Lucas was just a few weeks old I was holding him in my lap so he was looking at me...meaning his head wasn't cradled in my arms, just my hands. Kayla went to get up on the couch and in her excitement she kneed him right in the back of the head...oh I freaked out thinking we needed to take him to the ER or something!

    I also clipped Kayla's nails once and drew a little blood, after that I told Joe it was his job to do the clipping LOL

  2. The second time I ever clipped D's finger nails he was weeks old... and off went a little skin, my heart sank and I instantly handed him off to daddy and crawled on to my bed in tears. :/ I feel your badge on that one.

  3. I remember the first cut when clipping her nails! I felt absolutely horrible about it (oh and the crying...). I told my friend who joked - what did she ever do to you? I told him to watch whose side he took. I'd already bled her.

    We won't get into the head bumps.

  4. Ahh, the joys of the iPhone.

    I remember one time when I was acting as mom while my mom was in the hospital. It was shower time for the kids and my little brother started scratching. His nails however, were too long and they were leaving marks where he scratched, so I decided to cut them. One little flinch from him, and I cut him. Like my father, he has a fear of blood, and he started screaming and crying. A scooby-doo bandaid and an ice cream cone seemed to cure the "boo-boo," but to this day, he will not let me touch his nails.

    I'm sure you deserve a "mommy of the year" award for the wonderful things you do for and with your son as well. :)


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