Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Love I Feel For You

My Dear Sweet Boy,

Words cannot express the love that I hold inside, for you. There is no way that I could show you how much you mean to me. How much I cherish your smile. How thankful I am for your sweetness. How I enjoy your personality. You have taught me so many things. You have taught me how how to love unconditionally. You have taught me how to enjoy life. You have taught me how to be a better person. You have taught me how to be a mom. Your Mom. I could never thank you enough.

You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I couldn't imagine my life without you. I wake up to your smiles and fall asleep to your snuggles. Your sweet scent is intoxicating. I could hold you for hours and hours on end and not get enough of it. Of you. You are my pride and joy and I often think that I couldn't love you anymore. Then I look at your sweet face and notice that I've just fallen in love all over again. My love for you multiplies with each passing moment. Each smile. Each laugh. Each cry. Each feeding. Each diaper change. My love for you, my sweet boy, is endless.

As I write this letter to you, you are dreaming, of angels I imagine. You smile and sigh as you drift off and I can't help but stare at you for hours. You grow before my eyes and I don't ever want to stop watching. To stop is to loose time and I never want to loose a second. Five months has passed so much quicker than I could have imagine. Quicker than I want it to. Sometimes I wish I could keep you small forever. But even if I could, I wouldn't. Watching you grow has been the most amazing experience. To see you watch, notice and learn. I couldn't take that from you. You are growing into my little bug. My little man. I am so proud.

You can roll all over the house without even taking the time to think. It's amazing how fast you can get from point A to point B. It's hilarious to find you 30 feet from where I left you just 2.5 seconds before. The smile you give me when our eyes meet melts my heart. How one little man can be so happy with everything just amazes me. You truly are the happiest, most content baby that I know. I couldn't be happier to have you.

You started eating solids, the day you turned five months. You refused to eat rice cereal. The faces you made were hilarious. You acted as if I was trying to feed you dirt. I couldn't help but laugh at you. You quickly moved on to sweet potatoes which you scarfed down and got mad at me when I couldn't feed you fast enough. You certainly do love them! After that was sweet peas, then carrots and just this morning you moved on to squash. I was a little nervous for you to try it because I really don't like squash. Your dad does though and he was hoping you would to. You finished it in record time and didn't even give me any funny faces to the new taste in your mouth. It must have been delicious because you inhaled it. Enjoy it, sweet boy, even if I don't. You have one more vegetable to go through before you can start your fruits. I can't wait for that. I'm sure you will love them as do your dad and I. Your last vegetable is green beans, after which you will stay on veggies until you hit 6 months, then you can move on to fruits.

You are babbling up a storm and love to squeal in delight. Your dad and I love to hear your excitement for things. You're also very good at sitting up, on our laps, but the instant we put you by yourself, you fall forward and try to eat your feet. You, my sweet boy, take after your mom on that one. I couldn't get enough of my feet when I was little. You suck your thumb from time to time and love it when you do. You also have your "bink" (pacifier) that you love at night. You've used it throughout the day, off and on, for a while but we're now trying to wean you off of it, completely. I'm sure you'll handle it fine, as you handle everything else.

You're in your crib all through the night, now and slide into bed with me in the morning when dad leaves for work. I nurse you and watch as you fall, peacefully, back to sleep. That's when I sneak out of bed and have some quiet time for a couple hours before you wake for the day.

You are cloth diapered 100% of the time, now, unless we go out of town for longer than 3 days. Then we use disposables. I try not to use them if I don't have to because you tend to rash up the instant they touch your bottom. You seem to love the cloth so much better and I just love how cute they make you look.

Well, my sweet boy, I love you so much and truly hope you've enjoyed these past 5 months with us as your parents. You're an amazing boy and I truly couldn't imagine having a better son. You amaze me every single day and there is nothing that I wouldn't do for you. You make me the happiest Mommy in the whole wide world.

Kisses, my sweet boy, every day and in between!

Your Mommy!

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  1. ahh Stephanie, that is beautiful!! I love these monthly updates...I have to write Bailey's soon, she is 6 months today (but you know I am always a few days behind!! :) Great Post and a cute little boy you have :)


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