Monday, April 05, 2010

Workie Work Busy Bee

So Happy Day-After-Easter! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to pop on yesterday, but things were so busy. We ended up have somewhat of a quiet day, but things were a but non-stop with having The Monkey's first Easter and all.

Regardless, I am about up to eyes in blog posts that I haven't been able to read, yet. So if I haven't left a comment on yours, yet, give me a second.. I have over 100 blogs in my reader and if you all update, that's 100 blogs I have to read. I will try to get to you, if I can. It's time consuming. Really, it is.

To show that I have seen your giveaways and really do want to win your item... I'm showing all my readers out there that there are some awesome giveaways, out there, going on right now.

All won items, are used by me, my husband, or my son. If we cannot use the item we win, we will either give it away on our blog OR we will give it to someone we know, that could use it. So please consider us. We will post about all of our giveaway wins and link back to your blog, if we do win!

Here's some great giveaways that I've seen, lately! Feel free to add yours if you have one up and running that I haven't added, yet.


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