Thursday, September 09, 2010

Belly Buttons by Guest Poster Suzanne Beal - Editor-In-Chief of Little One Books

Belly Buttons, Priceless

It’s common knowledge that everyone on the planet is born with a belly button, an innie or an outie that marks where we once were connected to another human being. I count the summer I turned ten as a season of utmost awkwardness. Unsure as to how to make pals, I used my father’s torso as a topic of conversation. I’d claim, especially to new kids on the block -- that my dad didn’t have a belly button. When met with skepticism, I’d bet them a quarter they were wrong, then trot them over to my house and demand that my father unbutton his poly-blend shirt. He’d open the ends just wide enough for the belly button to appear. And there it wasn’t. The scar served as a reminder that he used to have a belly button. But that was before the suspicious mole camping next to it had elbowed its way in causing doctors to reach for the sharp instruments. Now it was just a pale pink blur doing its best to blend in with the surrounding flesh. Kids would stare at the flat spot where the belly button was supposed to be, their mouths hanging a little bit open. But knowledge is power. Even kids who aren’t ready for a medical encyclopedia can investigate physicality via age appropriate books such as Karen Katz’s Where is Baby’s Belly Button -- a sturdy lift-the-flap book that playfully prompts young children to seek out different parts of the body. It’s true that I supplemented my allowance through somewhat questionable means that summer, learning only eventually that the friends I’d made, and not the quarter I’d won, had been the greatest gain of all.
Suzanne Beal

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    Just wanted to say that my son (18 months) has LOVED this book since he was about 9 months old. His belly button was the first body part he would show us when we asked him where it is and Karen Katz' books helped us get there :)


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