Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday is a great new event that happens every Wednesday. It's kind of like other Wednesday programs that you've heard of.. where you don't post anything but a picture, but it goes with a theme every week.

How do you participate? Come back here every week and get the new theme for the week. It can be interpreted in any way you wish. Take the theme and run with it. There are a few things you should know, before we begin.

Please link up to your exactly post url. NOT your main blog page. We don't want to have to search your blog for your Wonderful Wednesday entry.

Please come back to link up, every week! As I said, there will be a new entry theme every week so make sure you come check it out! Miss one? Please feel free to post two in a row!

Once your post is up, make sure you link up with the link list below so others can check out your entry, as well! Make sure to follow me via GFC or email, so you can stay updated as to when Wonderful Wednesday is posted.

Please make sure you link back so others can find the entry themes, as well!

This weeks theme is:

What do you find delicious?

 Cherry Garcia Cupcakes... anyone?


  1. Yummy!! I need to get on the cupcake making ball, soon, soon, like now....

  2. Mmmmm. . . . cupcakes! Tonight we're having Apple Kuchen for dessert, cupcakes will have to be next time I bake. =)


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