Monday, September 13, 2010

CSN Bedroom Sets

One of my favorite hobbies is to browse online for things we're looking for around the house. I love searching for the lowest price, best selection and quality products. I love reading their reviews and looking at pictures. One of the many things that my husband and I have been shopping for since we got married was great bedroom furniture sets. We're looking for something contemporary. Simple yet stylish. Something that looks like we actually care enough to make our bedroom look nice, unlike it is right now. We have super gorgeous bed linens that I love but I would LOVE to have a headboard and matching dressers, nightstands and maybe even a foot board! One thing that I have my eye on is a platform bed. Those look great!

What do you guys have in your room? Is it matching? It is completely thrown together?


  1. What do you guys have in your room? Bed, 2 dressers, a hope chest, and a bookshelf.
    Is it matching? Not completely... they are the same stain though, minus the bed~it's hollywood frame.
    It is completely thrown together? It has been that way... we bought everything in sections or was mine growing up. My dresser was my great-great grandpa's (had it since I was 13) and the second one was my grandpa's great-great grandparents' (it has a date of 1942).

  2. We have this bedroom set that used to belong to my grandmother. It was nothing fancy, but had a really nice art deco look. We painted it glossy black-it's a long dresser and a high boy. The bed was given to us by my dad's girlfriend, and we cut the legs off of it to make it platform height, and painted it black to match the dressers. The only off piece is a bedside table I had when I was little. We painted it black and changed the hardware, but the lines just don't match aged contemporary feel of the rest of the room. Maybe we'll make our own...


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