Monday, September 20, 2010

.ten months.

{dear my sweet boy}

You are ten months old. Ten whole months. I know I say this every single month but it's so true. I can't seem to fathom how so much time has passed so quickly. You are no longer my tiny little baby boy. You're growing into such a little boy and it breaks my heart and makes me proud, all at the same time. You have the cutest little sense of humor and it cracks me up! You think so many things are funny, even when we're trying not to be. Sometimes you get into things that you're not supposed to and when Mommy and Daddy get really serious and tell you, NO NO! You think it's very silly and start laughing at us. It's so hard not to join in your laughter. You are so silly and so dramatic. You're very expressive and oh how i love it. You love making silly noises and singing. You love reading your books and trying to help us shower. You stand at the bathtub and bang on the side. It's funny to hear you screaming down the hallway as you're crawling toward the bathroom. You're so excited and want everyone to know it. You get to the shower and throw back the curtains as if to say, "HELLO! I'm here!". You makes us laugh every single day.

You've learned so many things this past month. You had a few issues this month and sometimes they were funny, sometimes they weren't so much, but all in all, we made it through and you've made it such an amazing journey along the way.
first gooseegg - 08/23
started crawling - 09/03
stood by yourself - 09/07
waved hello - 09/10
You were trying to walk to Daddy and missed a step. You fell forward and knocked your head on the leg of the side table. You ended up with a huge gooseegg and a bruise that lasted for 3 weeks. It was aweful.

You've been mobile for months, now, since you were 4, maybe 5 months old, but just this month you started to crawl. Actually crawl. Now you zoom around the house and are attempting at walking. How time changes around here. One minute you're oblivious as to how to accomplish something and the next minute you've figured it out and are a pro. You learn things so quickly, it's unbelievable.
You love your toys and love your books even more. I love how much you love to flip through the pages and "read" us the story. You're so cute as you lay on the floor and jibber jabber and smack the pages as you go. You love animal books the best. Especially ones with textures. You love to eat the hair on them and tell us all about them. You're so precious.

Well, Sweet Little man, Mommy & Daddy love you more than anything in this world. Stay kind and always keep your precious little personality and cute sense of humor. We love you and everything you do.
More than life itself.

.ten months.

Mommy & Daddy


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