Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Kissimmee - What's your dream vacation?

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Kissimmee is in the heart of Florida, right near Orlando. This past spring we had a chance to take a trip to Florida, our first time ever, and I do have to tell you that it's a pretty amazing location. I've never seen a more beautiful place. Everything is so clean, clear and simply gorgeous. The palm trees, the sand, the water, the wildlife. It was astonishing!

My husband and I always talk about places we'd love to visit or go back to and Florida is certainly one of them! It's such an amazing place! After browsing and talking to friends, we've found that Kissimmee is a pretty great place. It's right next door to Disney World but has much more to offer, as well! Here's some of the attractions that Kissimmee has to offer:

  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • Walt Disney World Resort
  • SeaWorld Orlando
  • Air Excurions
  • Dinner Shows
  • Golfing
  • Waterparks
  • Spring Training (for all you baseball fans, like me)
  • Dinning
  • Night life
  • and SHOPPING!!!
I've always dreamt of going to SeaWorld and Disney World. My husband and I are huge fans of theme parks and what's bigger than Sea World or Disney World?

We're not really big in staying the the resorts right near theme parks but do look for resorts or hotels right on the outskirts. They're much cheaper and offer great deals for those attending theme parks, etc.

If we could have a week in Kissimee we'd definitely be hitting Sea World, Disney World and I'd love to go experience something like Green Meadows Petting Farm or Gatorland. Titanic The Experience would be another cool one, too! When we take a vacation, we pack it with must see exhibits and rarely any down time. We're constantly on the go and Florida is the best place to do that, for sure!

Are you looking to plan a vacation but are unsure of where to go? Try Kissimmee, Florida! You can plan a vacation to remember, here!

If you could go to Florida, what would you do?

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  1. My husband and I are actually talking about trying to go to Hawaii when Ella is a little older. We've been to Mexico a couple of times and always have an amazing time there, but are looking for something a little more family friendly now, =). Maybe when El is old enough to enjoy amusement parks we can look in to Kissimmee.

  2. I think if I went to Florida I would want to do to Disney World and all the surrounding parks :)


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