Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aloha Friday #4

Friday... once again! YAY! Make sure you head on over to Kailani's and answer her question, too, after you answer mine, first, of course! Oh and if you play along, make sure you link back so I can visit and answer your question.

Today's Question:

If you could have a famous chef cook a meal for you; who would it be and what would you request of them?

photo courtesy of Rachael Ray
If I could have a famous chef cook for me, I'm pretty sure I'd have Rachael Ray cook for me. She's so laid back and funny, it couldn't be a bad dinner, I'm sure. I also love the things she makes and the way she makes them. I love how she's always aware of what her "clients" (ie: the people she's cooking for) like and what their preferences are. She's aware of allergies and favorites. I love it.

As for what I'd request of her? Oh geesh. I don't know. She makes so many good things, I'd just be happy she was cooking for me. Who cares what she would make! 

- Stephanie

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