Monday, March 15, 2010

Tough Times

One of the toughest times to deal with, as a parent, are the times that you have to listen to your child cry when there is nothing that you can do. One of the ways to make the situation worse is when you're the one who's causing the crying and upset in your precious little bundle of joy. One of those times, in particular, is when you take them in to get their vaccinations. You're the one who took them there. You're the one who okay'd their vaccinations and the one who scheduled the appointment. You're doing it for their own good, but regardless, it hurts to see your child cry. To watch them wince in pain, scream and hold their breath because what is happening is HURTING. It rips your heart out.

Today has been one of those hard days. I have been extremely blessed to have a boy who sleeps in till 1 o'clock in the afternoon and his appointment was at 11am, so not only did we loose an hour of sleep (thanks to the ever so freaking lovely Daylight Savings Time.. UGH) but I also had to wake him up out of his perfect content slumber, to get him dressed and off to his doctor's appointment. He was not a happy camper. He was tired, he was blinded by the sun, which was PISSING.HIM.OFF and when he finally did wake up enough to pop a big ol' grin, we stabbed him in the legs... FOUR.TIMES! F.O.U.R. The poor guy.

He's now in his swing, sleeping the afternoon away. After he got food, first, of course. Because I don't care how upset you are, or how much pain you're in... food is comforting! Even for babies. I love the little booger.

Oh and because I'm a weird mom and because I am cool like that, I have to keep track of his band-aids..

2m Appointment - Band-Aid: Snoopy!
4m Appointment - Band-Aid: Daffy Duck!

Here's his 4 month stats:

13 pounds 15.2 ounces
25 3/4 inches long
16 3/4 inch head

Speaking of my little angel.. someone's awake! Gotta run!

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  1. I really hate having to hear them in pain, crying!! Oh my your little one sleeps in till 1 in the afternoon! Awesome!! (what time does he go down at night?) it is never a happy day when shots are involved, poor monkey!!

  2. You are not a weird mom...I am probably even more weird (thanks to my own mom!) For my kids first vaccines I keep their bandages and put them in their baby book. My son's I did up until his 6 month shots and the girls I did until their 4 month shots! My mom had done the same thing with mine, so I just followed suit!

  3. I'm jealous your baby even gets band-aids! Our pediatrician just tapes a cotton ball to him, lol. Each time my little guy is vaccinated he has 3-5 days of a moderate fever accompanied with vomiting and diarrhea. SO NOT FUN! :(


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