Sunday, March 07, 2010

Transition Update: Day 1, 2 & 3

As I mentioned, in this post, I've decided that THE MONKEY will be moving to his own "big boy" bed (aka crib) because I roast like a stuffed duck, at night.

I was a little nervous as to how he would do when he found out that he wasn't laying next to me, all night, but was very optimistic as he was close. I put his crib in next to my bed and pushed it up to where the edge of his crib was touching the side of my bed. I did leave the front of the crib on so he couldn't roll out but did drop the side down so I could reach into his crib and comfort him without pulling him out.

Night 1: Went much better than I was hoping! I wouldn't really say he woke up anymore than he usually does. He woke up 3 times, total:

11:00pm - Down for the night.
3:00am - Woke to nurse.
4:00am - Woke because he was cold.
5:00am - Woke because he was cold, again.
9:00am - Woke to nurse.
11:30am - Woke for the day.

The first time he woke up, I just nursed him and laid him back down and he went RIGHT back to sleep! Can anyone say PRAISE THE HEAVENS?!?! (me me me me me!) The second and third time he woke up all I had to do was cover him back up, tuck him back in and out he went again. (HECK YES!)

I'm so proud of him, he did so well!

I will confess that I do cover my son with a blanket, at night. Ya see, he was born in November, in Oregon. It's butt ass cold outside. We lived in a really OLD house with horrible insulation and an even worse heating system. Our house was ALWAYS ice cold and I worried about him freezing at night. To combat the coldness he would get dressed in socks, a footed sleeper and then he would get bundled up in two to three blankets and placed in his bassinet.  He's never been left alone and I've always been near him to keep an eye on him. Not only that but my son is NOT a mover in his sleep. Once he goes to sleep he's OUT and he'll wake up in the same position that he fell asleep in. I am completely confident in him and his neck (and arm) muscles that he won't suffocate himself. Not only that but if he doesn't get bundled up at night with his blankies.. he can't sleep, at all. He can't be swaddled but he has to be tucked in pretty tight but where he can move his arms if he wants. If he can't move his arms, you have a very grumpy baby on your hands. So the two times that he did wake up, I hadn't pulled his blanket up high enough around his shoulders/arm so he woke up to freezing cold hands and a chilly face. I ticked him back in and out he went.

I really think the fact that I'm so close is helping in the transition. Usually he would wake up and scream if he didn't see/feel me close and now he wakes up, fusses a tiny bit and soon as I put my hand in next to him, he immediately grabs onto my hand, snuggles it close to him then out he goes. It was so weird to have so much room in the bed, last night. I kept waking up like I was forgetting something. Almost that same feeling of thinking you're going to be late for something so you wake up and JUMP up out of bed only to realize that you still have an hour or so before your alarm is supposed to go off. Yep, that feeling. Then I'd see that all was good and well and fall back asleep.

I do have to say, it was WONDERFUL.

Day 2: Went great, again!

1:00am - Went down for the night.
7:00am - Woke to eat.
10:30am - Woke to eat.
1:30am - I woke him up for the day.

Poor kid had a rough evening, though. He had a rough time with teething and was just generally unhappy. Just a little fussy here and there but we called it an early evening to see if it would help.

Day 3: Oh boy.. it was worse than it looks. Going to bed early didn't help and he was in a horribly mood. He wanted to cuddle and the only thing that would keep him quiet was to hold him, rock him and shush him in his ear. I felt so bad. He had no fever, no other symptoms other than he was just a little grumpy.

10:00pm - Went down for the night.. or so we thought.
11:30pm - Finally fell asleep.
3:00am - Woke to eat.
7:30am - Woke to eat.
10:00am - Woke to eat.
11:30am - I woke him to get dressed and ready for church.
12:45pm - Took a cat nap.
1:30pm - Woke up for the day.

It's now 3:30pm and he's back down for another nap. Not only did he wake up those times but he also tossed and turned all night and woke up half crying. Almost as if he was having a bad dream but not enough to actually wake him up. It was enough to wake me up, though. Each and every time.

I'm praying that things go better tonight and we're trying our best to keep things as "scheduled" as possible but not completely to the T. I'm hoping that things were a little haywire, last night, because he wasn't feeling good.

He's been feeling and acting MUCH better today so I'm almost willing to bet that tonight will go better. We'll see.



  1. Do you guys have a steady bedtime schedule? Once I put Isla on a schedule, she was an amazing sleeper.

    Good luck and I'll be praying for you guys too!


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