Thursday, March 18, 2010

Diaper Duty

It's now been a full day of exclusively cloth diapering and I have to say... it's been a whole lot easier than I thought! I simply love the way that his little bum looks in his bright and colorful diapers. I love how he looks a little chubby in the butt. It makes me crack up.

Our first purchase was:

2 - BumGenius
2 - KnickerNappies
2 - FuzziBunz

I am happy to say that KnickerNappies are from the SAME town (or very very close) to where I live. Buying local is always a plus. I can't say, right now, which one is my favorite, just yet, as I love them all, for different reasons, of course. Here they are and yes, it's a list, because I'm lazy like that.

BumGenius - I LOVE the fit on these. I love how they just hug his little body so perfectly. What I wish they had was snaps, instead of velcro. If they had snaps, these would probably be the ones that I'd buy the most of.

KnickerNappies - I LOVE the flat front of these. I love the snaps and I love the fit. What I do have to say, though, is that they are a little tricky to button up snug, because they button on the sides. ie: top down, instead of bottom up like normal diapers. (see photo below) This will be wonderful when I have a toddler who wants to rip his diaper off, however, now, with a wiggly little baby, it's a little more difficult to snap up tight. Another thing I want to add is the fact that you have to make sure the side flaps are overlapped good or else it will bunch the front up. However, I think this will change as he gets a bit bigger and the side flaps aren't as large around his front side.

FuzziBunz - I love the size, I love the snaps and I love the front snaps. There really isn't anything that I don't like about them. If I had to change one thing, I would ask that they put some elastic on the back flap to kind of hold it down like knickernappies, but I'm not going to be picky.

I think we'll be getting more, very soon! Of which ones, I'm not exactly sure, yet.

- Stephanie


  1. Great "lists"! Lists are totally cool, and not lazy (okay I am totally about them also!) It will be fun to see what you like now, in a month and in a couple months. I have changed my options quite often, and it is funny now I choose some for day, some for night! Little Monkey is soo cute, do you not just feel so great every time you put his diapers on :)

  2. These are so cool! When I heard you were going to cloth diapering.... I thought you were absolutely OUT of your mind! LOL But then again, I had the old style, "white" cloth diapers in mind with those big diaper pins. So tell me, do you still have to wash out the poo in the toilet? "puke". Or are there inserts that you toss? I am very curious. These are very cool Steph. I can see how these can save money AND on the enviroment! Kudos! ;)

  3. Man, I really love cloth dipes. Hugs and kisses all around. They are so comfy for baby and cute and eco-responsible and CHEAP.

    I started with prefolds and Thirsties covers (Thirsties' double gussets are hard to beat for BF poo) which I NEVER had a blowout in. Not once. I went to Fuzzi Bunz when E got older and loved them but eventually got tired of snaps and longed for my velcro back.

    Now we are in BumGenius and I am in CD heaven. I'm getting ready to sell all my FB now. Cottonbabies (makers of BumGenius) had a KILLER sale not too long ago: last chance diapers $2, free shipping. They sold out in like 30 minutes. I got 24, the max you could order, and EVERY ONE was in excellent shape. 24 BG3.0 for $48 and no shipping?!?! It still brings a tear to my eye!

    Now that we are into solids though, I am about to buy a diaper sprayer. Totally. Necessary. For obvious reasons ;P

    Welcome to Cloth :)

    (I decided to cloth at around 7 months preggo. Someone mentioned it to me and at first I was all "OMG DISGUSTING". My preggo insomnia caused me much Google mania and I happened to look into the matter one night and BAM! Hooked! Who knew poop catchers could be so adorable?)

  4. It's good to see that things are going well in the cloth diaper world for you. Thanks for sharing your adventure and I can't wait to hear more!


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