Thursday, June 24, 2010

Biehl Adventures

1. What diapers do you currently use? Currently I use BumGenius OS diapers. Thanks to some contests, I also have a FuzziBunz, BumEssentials and Bubele Bums that I use as well. I've got a Pixie Poppits on the way that I can't wait to try out -- you gotta love those cloth diaper contests!

2. Are there certain ones you use at night or during certain times?
I triple stuff my bumGenius OS for night time.  I am currently searching for a less bulky option for nighttime diapering. 
3. What diapers do/did you use with your newborn? When Collin was brand new, we used thirsties diaper covers and unbleached cotton prefolds (no pins or snappis).  We chose this method because of the frequency of the diaper change.  I have 36 prefolds (a mixture of unbleached cotton and hemp babies) and 4 diaper covers.  This allowed us to wash every couple days. The OS would have been a bit bulky on a newborn.  We did have a couple of bumGenius AIOs that we received as gifts; those were awesome! But we knew we wanted to use OS, so we didn't buy anymore AIOs. 
4. What features do you like most about the cloth diapers that you use? 
I love the Aplix closure verses the snaps.  While snaps will last longer, Aplix is just easier to use all around, for me and my husband.  The only exception to this is with the Bubele Bums diaper.  I find the snaps to be extremely easy to use! I love the pocket option on the bumGenius OS.  It's nice to be able to stuff an extra insert if we're on the go or at night time.  I think the adjustability of the OS is fantastic! It's great that I won't have to buy additional diapers as my little man grows.  Lastly, I love, love, love the color options!
5. What was the most influential reason you decided to go cloth? Initially, it was the cost effective option.  While there was going to be an upfront cost, we knew that these diapers would pay for themselves within 6 months.  Now that we've been cloth diapering 6 months, I've come to love the fact that only cloth touches my baby's bum.  After seeing all the stuff come out about Pampers, I thank my lucky stars that my friend Nicole filled me on modern cloth diapering before Collin was born.  Additionally, it feels good to know that we aren't sending thousands of disposables to the landfills.  I feel good that I'm doing my part to make sure Collin has a better world to live in. 
6. Was it difficult trying to convince your spouse/partner to use cloth? Thankfully, my husband was on board from the beginning! While he was a little nervous during the covers/prefolds stage, he's a pro with the OS diapers.  He knew we were saving money and he continues to tell me how glad he is that we chose to cloth diaper.
7. If there was one thing you could change about cloth diapers, what would it be and why? I would change the marketing of the cloth diaper. I don't understand why we don't see these on the shelves in mainstream stores. I know target carries bumGenius but that's all that I'm aware of. Also, I often think about how many people have misconceptions regarding modern cloth diapering and how an infomercial/commercial could open the eyes of so many!

8. What do you consider a "MUST HAVE" cloth diapering accessory?
2 things:
Diaper Sprayer:  My husband built me a diaper sprayer right before we introduced Collin to solids; I wish I had used this from the beginning! It's so nice to spray off the diaper before it goes in the pail; on wash day, I just grab my pail liner (filled with diaper), dump in the washer, throw in the liner, and I'm done! I also feel better about my diapers sitting in the pail, without yuck on them!
Cloth Wipes: I used disposables wipes for all of 3 days! It was just silly to have to go to the trashcan just to throw away a wipe.  Now, you can buy cloth wipes, which I did to begin with; however, you can also make your own for very little money! Cloth wipes are nice because you can just throw them in with the diaper and never look back.  Some people spray off their wipes, but I don’t because not much gets on them. 

9. If you could talk to someone who's considering making the switch to cloth, what would you say to them? I would show him/her a cost comparison of disposable diapers/wipes versus cloth diaper/wipes.  I would be sure to include an estimate of the cost to wash those diaper; I would not include drying costs because I prefer line drying! I have read that you would spend between 9 and 25 cents per each disposable diaper that you use! And you just throw that away! At least the money you spend on cloth diapers goes a long way!  There are many different options in cloth diapering, depending on your budget.  Additionally, if you can make the decision to cloth diaper earlier, you can build your stash slowly, before the baby comes.

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