Saturday, June 12, 2010

Much Needed Tutorials

I've had quite a few people commenting, emailing, and messaging me asking how to do a few things and I thought I'd combine it all into one nice little post to help you guys and hopefully make things a little bit easier for you!! Here's some of the questions I've received.

How do you retrieve the status link on twitter?
First things first.. you must make a tweet. Once you have tweeted what you need to tweet, simply look down at the bottom of your tweet where it says, "you tweeted this so many hours/minutes ago". Hover your mouse over the number of time and you'll see it's linked. Click it.

Now, once you click the link it will load a new page that should show this specific status, only. Once you've got that.. look up at the top of the page where your URL bar is located... notice how it says something to the effect of Yes, that one. Select it, now right click, select COPY, now go to my comment section and paste it. Done!

How do you retrieve your facebook status?
Repeat the above on facebook.

How do you link to someone else in a facebook or twitter status update?
When typing your message put the @ symbol before their name or handle and it will link them up.   


  1. thanks i new about the twitter thing but not the facebook. that was helpful

  2. Hint - instead of going to the twitter status page, right click on the time and select "copy link location"

  3. Thanks! You just taught me how to get the twitter link, I needed that!! You are cool :)


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