Friday, June 25, 2010

Money Money Money

When it comes to cloth diapers, the first thing that I find that turns people off is the up front cost of the cloth diapers. However, the thing that most people don't realize is that most often than not, cloth diapers will pay for themselves within the first 6 months, if not sooner. All diapers will pay for themselves within the first year!

I've taken the time to do a little bit of research for you and compare the prices of cloth diapers with disposables as well as the different brands.

*For the purpose of saving time and confusion, I'm only comparing pocket or aio diapers*

The first number is how much you'll spend when purchasing a system of 24. The second number is how much you'll spend when purchasing a system of 36. Please remember that cloth diapers can be used for more than one year and more than one child!!!

Disposables: $800-$1000 PER YEAR!

SoftBums: $215 - $372
Econobum: $239 - $358
Mother-Ease: $299 - $448
Smartipants: $359 - $538
Bella Bottoms: $360 - $540
Flip System: $407 - $ 611
Bummis: $408 - $612
BabyKicks: $444 - $666
Blue Penguin: $431 - $646
BumGenius: $431 - $642
Bumkins: $431 - $642
BumWear: $431 - $642
Wahmies: $431 - $642
Thirsties: $444 - $666
Happy Heinyz: $454 - $682
Applecheeks: $456 - $684
Monkey Doodlez: $456 - $684
Tots Bots: $456 - $684
Green Acre Design: $467 - $700
FuzziBunz: $479 - $718
Knickernappies: $479 - $718
BumEssentials: $480 - $720
Pixie Poppits: $504 - $756
GroVia: $526 - $790
Envibum: $528 - $792
Nifty Nappy: $528 - $792
Kissaluvs: $550 - $826
Rumparooz: $575 - $862
Bubele Bums: $576 - $864
Cutey Baby: $599 - $898
Little-to-Big: $599 - $898
Goodmama: $624 - $936
Swaddlebees: $647 - $970
Lollidoo: $672 - $1010

*please remember that different brands have different styles of diapers that cost different amounts of money! If a certain brand seems a bit expensive, please check out their other options before deciding against them.

**please also keep in mind that many places will offer a discount for bulk orders! I only calculated the price of individual diapers.

As you can see, most cloth diapers will pay for themselves within the first 6 months! The average cloth diaper system costs between $300 and $600 which is a STEAL when you think that this amount of money wouldn't even get you into the first 6 months of disposables!

Also, many people think that water, power and energy used to clean the diapers makes up for the rest of the money that you spend for disposables. NOT TRUE! (code green) Think about all the energy, time, money and power used to run the plants to make disposables. One little washing machine doesn't compare, at all!

I'm not going to go into the details of the economical differences because I feel like that's the MAJORITY of what people talk about when it comes to cloth diapers vs disposables so I'm sure you've heard it ALL before.

Regardless, I hope this helps you consider switching to cloth just for the price difference alone. The economy is crap right now and it isn't going to change overnight. Saving money is big right now and this is an easy way that you can do so.

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  6. Wow! I knew I'd be saving money, but it's great to see it broken down by brand. Thanks for taking the time to do this! :)

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  7. And my family wonders why I switched to cloth diapers... ;)

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  9. Code: green!

    Before I took the cloth diaper plunge, I ran the numbers on what it would cost to wash a load of diapers every few days at my apartment laundry facility. It comes to about $150 annually, if I line dry. It's an expense to consider, but still cheaper in the long run!

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    I agree with you on the cost savings aspect of cloth v disposable diapers & actually tried them with my 2.5 year old (when he was about 8-9 months old) but I apparently have the weakest stomach on the planet! I remember the first time he pooped in a cloth diaper and lets just say we both had to take a shower. I really wish there was some sort of happy medium. I vaguely remember a newish cloth diaper with a disposable liner but I could be wrong & never followed up - I know shame on me. But anyhoo it was interesting to see the cost savings comparison. Have a great weekend and thanks for hosting the Friday hop.

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  20. Great post! So true. Washing really isn't that bad I don't think. Our water has gone up at the most 15 a month and that's with running the dishwasher daily instead of every other day, me being home all the time, extra laundry for Lydia etc.

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    I'll be catching up on entering your giveaways tomorrow hopefully. I've been out of town with my parents while my husband is in Haiti and the computer is S L O W. It's timing out every time I try to enter. :(

    This is a great event!!!

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    PS thanks for the great article, I'm working on justifying the cost to my husband

  22. This was the first reason I looked into cloth when I knew we were expecting our 4th baby... The more GREEN we can save, the better!!

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