Sunday, June 06, 2010

Monday's Little Miracles - Duck Fest!

This week Monday's Little Miracles is all about DUCK FEST and building a scholarship fund for a 5 year old boy who suddenly lost his mom 2 weeks ago.  You can win a lot of great prizes while donating money to a great cause - JD's future.

Please join us : Belly Charms - The Blog, Boobies, Babies and A Blog, and My New Life As Mom in sharing Monday's Little Miracles.  Here is how you can make a difference:

  • Open your heart and link up your blog in the Linky Tool below
  • Follow the Blog in the Top Spot - This is the Miracle Slot each week
  • Donate, Pray, Comment... anything you can do to support the ones who need help
  • Copy and post any or all of this to your blog ASAP to help spread the word.  Duck Fest ends on Tuesday, June 8th and we have a lot more money that needs to be raised for JD! 
Read below to learn all about Duck Fest 

From Now until June 8th we are hosting DUCK FEST!! It's a Giveaway party we are throwing to support Daffy's nephew JD. Daffy's blog is Batcrap Crazy and less than two weeks ago she lost her best friend, her sister Wendy suddenly. Wendy leaves behind a 5 year old son named JD. In honor of Wendy's wishes for her son's future to be bright, the family has established the JD Scholarship Fund in her memory.

Today would have been Wendy's 36th birthday. That is a huge reason we waited to kick off DUCK FEST until now. We want to give Daffy and her family some renewed hope during a very difficult time.

 For just $1.00 donation to the JD Scholarship Fund you can enter a giveaway of your choice! If you wish to donate more, then you can donate once and for every dollar you donate you get another entry! (Example: $10.00 donated becomes 10 entries!) You can spend your entries however you like! Use them all on chances to win your favorite prize or divide them between multiple giveaways! Just be sure to leave a separate comment per entry!
Below is the Linky for this week.  The first 4 spots belong to Monday's Little Miracles, the next 3 are for the hosts, and all of the rest are for you wonderful bloggers out there who want to help us spread the word about Duck Fest.  Of course you should jump in and follow any or all of the wonderful bloggers on our list.  Have a great week!
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