Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Lungos

Hello, my super fab followers that I just can't get enough of. Another super fab mom that I'd like you to meet is Amanda. Amanda, blog world! Amanda is the super wife to her hubby and super fab mom to two gorgeous little sweet hearts. She's the author of The Lungo's. I asked her what she thought of cloth diapering and here's what she had to say:

1. What diapers do you currently use? Are there certain ones you use at night or during certain times? We use Flip diapers with stay dry inserts almost exclusively. We recently got 2 bumgenious 3.0 and have tried them at night with a doubler.

2. What features do you like most about the cloth diapers that you use?
I like that we can re-use the covers. This is great for daycare. They also don't take up much room in the diaper bag.

3. What was the most influential reason you decided to go cloth?
We didn't cloth diaper our first, now 3. We went to cloth with the baby because he developed a terrible diaper rash from disposables. It was gone with in a few days of switching and he hasn't had one since. I wish I had know how easy it was and done it with our first.

4. If there was one thing you could change about cloth diapers, what would it be and why?
The cost! The initial cost is a lot of money right out the door and I think that deters a lot of people. Yes, you save money over time but it is a financial commitment up front and I knew my husband would not like the cost but I bought a lot of diapers right off the bat because I knew we wouldn't stick with it if there weren't always clean diapers ready and I don't have time to do laundry everyday. We got lucky and like the Flip diapers so it was money well spent. I do want to try other types of diapers but that is more money.

5. What do you consider a "MUST HAVE" cloth diapering accessory?
A good soap, something that cleans wells and gets rid of any odors. No one likes dingy stinky diapers.

6. If you could talk to someone who's considering making the switch to cloth, what would you say to them?
If you can afford it, try a couple of different types/brands of cloth and when you find the one or two that work for you, stock up. It is nice to have a solid diaper stash and keep the washing to every 2 or 3 days. Also, they really do work better than disposables in keeping baby dry. With our stay dry inserts there are mornings that the diaper is so heavy because it is so wet but Little Mans bottom is dry to the touch. You will never get that with a disposable.

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