Sunday, June 06, 2010

Six Months = Half A Year

WAY late but here it is...

Dear Sweets,

Six months has come and gone since the day you were born. I remember the day I gave birth to you as if it was last week. It feels like it was last week. I know it sounds so cliche but it's what I feel. One minute you're this floppy little jelly baby and the next, you're this little man with your own little personality who's sprouting up minute by minute.

So far, you've decided that it's easier for someone else to hold you up, rather than sitting up on your own. You've also been teething for quite a while, yet, but so far no teeth. We can't wait to see when those come in. You're the master at rolling all over the floor and getting anything you can get your little hands on. There isn't much we can keep away from you, anymore.

You love your toys and have become quite the little drummer. You love to bang on anything and everything within sight to see what kind of different sounds you can make. We can always tell where you are, even if we can't see you. We're usually found down the hallway banging on the wall with your feet.

Each and every day with you is an absolute adventure and I love waking up each and every day to see what kind of things we can get ourselves into. You love to explore and love to have fun. We spend each and every Friday at Story-Time and you love to sing the songs and do your little dances. Your favorite is 'The More We Get Together'.

Thank you, my sweet boy, for being my favorite little guy in the world. You amaze me every single day and I couldn't imagine life without you.

I love you, sweet boy, more than the world itself.

Your Mommy


  1. You are so beautiful and he's a handsome little guy!

  2. Adorable!! Before you know it there will be Hot Wheels and Thomas the Trains everywhere :) Have a great week!

  3. what a sweet pic! happy 6th months!


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