Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday's Little Miracles

Have you seen Andrew yet?  I have seen his picture on lots of blogs.  He has eyes and a smile that will warm your heart.  If you look at his mom's blog, you will see he is a very happy boy.  What you may not know is that Andrew has cancer.  Read below from his Mom:

In April, my little two-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. A tumor was removed from behind his eye. The doctor believes he removed the whole tumor, but cancer cells grow quickly, so he is undergoing chemo, and will eventualy undergo radiation in an effort to prevent it from ever coming back. EVER. That is our prayer. He has been in a lot of pain from the chemo treatments. As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our entire family, made even more difficult by frequent stays in the hospital.

Today's Mission is easy.  HATS OFF FOR ANDREW - Let's get Andrew a hat from every state.  He has lost his hair from chemo, so let's get him lots of hats!

Please join us : Belly Charms - The Blog, Boobies, Babies and A Blog, and My New Life As Mom in sharing Monday's Little Miracles for Andrew.  Here is how you can make a difference:

  • Open your heart and link up your blog in the Linky Tool below
  • Follow the Blog in the Top Spot - This is the Miracle Slot each week
  • Donate, Pray, Comment and this week BUY A HAT FOR ANDREW... anything you can do to support the ones who need help
  • Copy and post any or all of this to your blog ASAP to help spread the word. 
 Below is the Linky for this week.  The first 4 spots belong to Monday's Little Miracles, the next 3 are for the hosts, and all of the rest are for you wonderful bloggers out there who want to help us spread the word about Andrew.  Of course you should jump in and follow any or all of the wonderful bloggers on our list.  Have a great week!

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