Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 16

Day 16 - Someone or something you COULD live without?
I've could live without a lot of things; saurkraut, beets, dumb movies, peach cobbler, cantelope, honey dew, burger king, cloth diapers (even though I sometimes wish we didn't have to), etc. It may be tough at first but you can live without many things, really.

I could also live without our neighbor next door. He's lived there just about 2 months, or so and so far not only has he driven me BONKERS with his stupid weed eating of his ENTIRE YARD for TWO.STRAIGHT.DAYS... but he's also sprayed half of OUR yard with his weed killer and somehow managed to kill a HUGE spot of grass that isn't even close to his side of the yard. Thanks, buddy! We work damn hard to keep our grass green and trimmed nicely and we'd appreciate it if you refrained from spraying it with plant killer.If we have weeds in our yard, we'll take care of them, thanks! Grr.

Who or what could you life without?


  1. What a tough question!!! I should say I could live without Brownies....my ass would thank me...not sure if I could give those up cold turkey though!
    I could live without stupid drivers, traffic, beans, liars, and the stupid static that never seems to go away on our baby monitor!!

  2. I could totally live without our house in Nebraska. Maybe this answer is a cop out. But, we had this awesome townhome that we loved in Lincoln, Nebraska. We lived there for three years. Due to not being able to find a job there we had to move. It's been sitting there empty for a year. I pray ever day that we would get rid of it. It could make some couple with kiddos very happy. It would also make us very happy to get rid of it.

  3. How could you live without saurkraut? That means living without sausage and bratwursts! Mmm . . . now I'm hungry.

    I could live without my neighbors too. The ones below us are always complaining about the noise, and not because we throw parties but because our dogs (toy breeds) walk on the kitchen floor and their claws make clicking noises. Sheesh. Not to mention their six year old daughter peeps in our windows!

  4. I guess I could live without the computer and daily interaction with online friends... although I sincerely doubt that I could give it up cold-turkey. Although, that might be the only way to stop spending so much time on here.

    Food? ummmm, I think I could, maybe, live without sweet tea in the summer, cocoa in the winter, and.... and those treats on the 1st Sunday of the month.

  5. Very interesting topic for discussion! I will have to ponder it for awhile! Lol! This is my first time checking out your blog, and it's great! I snagged your button for my blog, and I'm following you! Come check me out and follow me too, and support blogging mommies!


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