Thursday, August 12, 2010

9 Months - it just keeps getting better!!!

Dear my sweet boy,

Yesterday you turned 9 months old. Nine whole months. It's amazing that you've now been on the outside, with us, just as long as you were on the inside. I can't believe how fast time has passed. As I write this you are on the floor with your Dad, dancing and playing with your toy piano. You love to sing, you love to play and most of all you love your Dad and I. We can't seem to go far without you getting upset or army crawling as fast as you possibly can to get to where we are. You are so smart.

You have learned so many new things this month. You can now make the "th" sound as well as the "f" sound. You learned how to pull yourself up to stand and in just 2 weeks of doing so you're all over the place, now. You love to pull yourself up on anything that will hold your weight and even on a few things that struggle to do so. You love to pull yourself up on the step in front of the fireplace and once you get up there, you love to just sit and read your books. Then after reading your books, and when I say reading I mean pulling one down, screaming at the pictures then throwing the books across the floor then looking for the next book. After reading your books you usually face plant while trying to get off the step but it's amazingly cute to watch. You land very softly onto carpet and just roll with it. It's terribly cute.

Here's more added to the list of the things you've accomplished in the last month:

first giggle - 03/02
first time in your crib - 03/04
first time falling asleep alone - 03/08
first roll (belly to back) - 03/11
first roll (back to belly) - 03/17
first 360* roll - 03/17
first bite of food (sweet potatoes) - 04/04
started solids - 04/11
first flight - 04/14
first trip to the beach - 04/14
first trolley ride - 04/17
first boat ride - 04/17
first time rolling to sleep on your belly - 05/05
first time in your own room - 05/05
first day without a 'BINK' - 05/18
first tooth (bottom left) - 05/23
second tooth (bottom right) - 05/30
learned to clap - 06/05
first scoot - 06/06
started scooting - 06/16
first word (dad) - 06/28
 first fall (off bed) - 07/14
second fall (off bed) - 07/15
first road trip (9hrs) - 07/16
first waterslide trip - 07/19
third tooth (top left) - 07/20
second road trip (11hrs) - 07/20
pulled to stand - 07/27
moved to crib (for real) - 07/28
fourth tooth (top right) - 08/01
pulled to stand (alone) - 08/02
threw the ball back to dad - 08/12

This month you've changed your eating habits a bit. You no longer want 'baby food' but now want whatever Daddy and I are eating. So you nurse 90% of the time and have a little pasta, steamed veggies, fruit or all natural whole wheat bread here and there. You love it. You also love to share Ice Water with me and Daddy. You can drink out of a straw, a sippy cup or out of a regular cup if daddy or myself is holding it. You know how to tilt the cup up by yourself already but we would rather you didn't drown yourself so we help with the cups without lids. Your favorite food, right now, is pasta and beans. You love it so much. You're always trying to get us to feed you what you're eating and it's come in really nice for Daddy and I because it forces us to eat healthy food. Except at dessert time, of course. Daddy and I try to sneak some ice cream while you're not paying much attention.

Keep true, my little one. You are an amazingly smart little boy and I can't believe how fast you learn. I can't wait to watch you grow another month but please don't do it too fast. I love you just as you are and don't want you to be going off to college anytime soon.

I love you more than anything. You make me the happiest mom in the world. Just to be able to see you everyday. Kisses my sweet. I love you more than you love your feet!

Love always,


  1. Awwww! So sweet! Happy Monthaversary to your little guy! My Little One turned 21 months on Wednesday. Time really does fly :( Love this post. Found you via Blog Hop Friday!

  2. Happy 9 mos to your babe! So cute! Thanks for hosting Hop Along Friday. I'm a new follower!

    :) Sara

  3. HI! new follower from the hop. My little man turned nine months on the11th! and i know someone who's son turned 9 months on the 12th as well! Guess it must have been the week for boys! I have a mommy blog and fitness blog, hope you will visit!

  4. Happy 9 months Jeffery!! You are too cute!! That is awesome how much he is doing :) Bailey does not know how to drink from a straw yet or tip her sippy :) Bailey says hi to Jeffrey!!

  5. What a nice list of milestones! Hi! Im a new follower from Hop Along Friday.

  6. Haha I love "first fall" day later....."second fall". lol. That's ok, my daughter fell out of her high chair while I had my back turned today...Friday the 13th! I had taken the straps off to clean them and BAM, she fell face first. :-(

  7. To be quite honest, this made me cry-but in a good way =) It brought back memories of when my 3 children were that age...What a beautiful post you wrote

  8. What a sweet little baby. That picture is just adorable. Cherish every single moment.


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