Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot Summer Fun For Baby Giveaway

If you haven't heard of this contest, yet, you simply must stop what you're doing to go enter it. Yes, I mean like right now. Four 'hot' brands are bringing you and your baby a super amazing giveaway of the summer. Don't have a baby? Then you're going to be loved at the next baby shower! These products are simply too good to pass up!

Mutsy, Kokopax, Kushies and Pediped are bring you the must have giveaway of the summer! Curious which products they're giving away? Well, if you must know! Here's the run down..

Mutsy is bringing a super cool Funseat which is a super cool ride that lets toddlers 'steer' and ride along. They're also throwing in a Funseat Duffle Bag which is super great for packin ' baby's stuff in to take along with you. Oh and they're also throwing in a super rad and sleek 4 Rider frame to go with the Funseat!

Kushies is thrown down with a $100 gift basket filled to the brim with Kushies' award winning Zolo toy line. Kushies toys encourage self-expression, build self confidence and inspire the imagination. Zolo's progressive design stimulates the recruitment of a greater variety of brain cells than traditional baby products, which helps to create a more open minded, flexible thinker.

Kokopax is dropping the ball! They're trowing in the Eco-Classic carrier, the premium carrier in the stylish kokopax collection! Incorporating the latest technology in green textile printing and consumer safety. Boasting a 5 point harness, the Eco-Classic carrier assures safety and security for both the carried AND the carrier. The Eco-Classic also has this super cook kickstand feature which is great for loading and unloading. No more waiting for your baby to stand to use your carrier because you have a hard time loading them in it. Just stand them up and get settled. Oh and to sweeten the pot, they're also throwing in one of their super precious baby sun hats! :)

Pediped. Oh how I heart Pediped! They're not playing around with this contest.. they're throwing in not one... not two... but THREE pairs of shoes from their Grip 'n' Go Collection! The Grip 'n' Go collection is perfect for those little feet that are now underneath them and raring to go! From early walkers to those with confidence. The rounded edges mimic the shape of your little ones foot and the heel stability and soft toe box allow your little one to feel and grip the surface they're standing on.

Please remember that there will be one winner for each prize selection. Ie: one person will win the Mutsy collection, a different winner will win the Kushies gift basket, a different person will win the Kokopax collection and someone else will win the Pediped Collection. Get it? So go enter because you now have 3 more chances to win!

So are you curious how you're supposed to enter? It's EASY! A-B-C... EASY as 1-2-3!! Sorry, I had two. When things make you happy, you just have to sing! :)

To enter: click the image at the top of the screen or...


You have until September 30, 2010 to enter!


  1. I saw this a few days ago and was a little worried that they asked me for my birthday? But I've since seen it on a few blogs, so hopefully it's credible. I went ahead and entered this time. Also, I have a question for ya if you don't mind? As a giveaway host, do you care if people have their Tweets protected or not? Do you think having protected tweets would disqualify me for giveaways?

  2. Now the Kokopax carrier is something I'd love to have. I think, if I remember from browsing the pediped site, that their shoes won't fit little guy.

    And, he does have too many toys... particularly stuffed bears. But, maybe I'll enter anyway and perhaps win the carrier... That would be extremely lucky, wouldn't it!


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