Monday, August 16, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 8

Today we go on to day 8. Day 8 is for all those people you'd like to just punch in the face. Those who have made your life more dramatic. Complicated. Hell. Those who were difficult to deal with or just generally suck. This goes out to you, suckers!

Day 8 - Someone who has made your life hell?

This one may be a little bit more difficult, for me. Not nearly as easy as yesterday's post. Not by a long shot. As I've told you all before, I have a very good habit of forgiving easily. Many would disagree and say it's a *bad* habit but I disagree. I believe that we need to forgive people for all things. After all, when we make mistakes, what do we ask of others?

So for today, I'll have to say that the person who's made my life the most difficult would have to be my mom. Hi, Mom! But in her defense and in all honesty... I am grateful for everything that she has done. Everything that she has pushed me to do and the person that she's helped me become. As we all know, life wouldn't be as great if it was easy. I've had to dig through the hard times with my mom by my side and other times when my mom had to step back and let me figure it out myself. There were MANY times where I wished things wouldn't have happened but now that it's all over and done.. I am grateful for what the experience taught me. I am grateful for the person I am. I am blessed to have the lessons that I had and I am bless to have the mother I do. Thank you, Mom. For teaching me what my priorities are and what life is all about!

Who makes or has made your life hell?


  1. ok, you might just be TOO NICE! You made making your life hell into a good thing! ;)

  2. Probably people who have hurt my family and friends. I'm not thrilled about my baby sisters boyfriend right now. Or my older sisters ex-husband.


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