Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 23

Day 23 - Something you wish you had done in your life?
Honestly, I wish we would have just bypassed the 5 years of trying to conceive and just did a cycle of ICSI to begin with. It would have saved a LOT of heart ache and a lot of time but we were in the right place at the right time and things were great. I love my son and couldn't be happier to have the little turkey! :)

What's something you wish you hadn't done?


  1. Something that I wish I had not done...many things...too many things...gaining weight, bad eating habits, the way we spent our money...but you know, we can only work on those things now and accept that our past is our past...easier said than done, right?!

  2. I wish I had gotten to the infertility clinic early all those years ago. Because arriving late started an argument with a very rude secretary who eventually made me afraid of ever going back. I could have been a mother three times by now. Maybe.

  3. you know, that is something so many people take for granted... being able to conceive. it breaks my heart to think of the moms out there that struggle... so happy that you got your little guy!

  4. Let myself go during pregnancy! I gained 40 lbs and still have some of that to lose. I feel so much slower and lazier when I have the extra weight on me, and that isn't good for me or a good example for Ella.


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