Thursday, August 19, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 11

Day 11 - Something people compliment you the most on?
Today's post is special. Why is it special, you ask? Because I get to include a picture. The number one thing I get complimented on the most is.... My eyes.

I honestly don't know why, but people always talk about my eyes. I always have the weirdest, almost awkward conversations with people regarding my eyes. For example, my husband and I were at a restaurant trying to have dinner one night and the hostess at the front was taking names, as usual. We went up to put our name in, Sr gave her our name and we walked out. It was over an hour wait so we left and came back an hour later. I walked up to tell her we were back and all she said was.. "I gocha, hun, I remember your eyes". Um.... okay.. Not to mention the random people at grocery stores, etc, that comment on them. The most comment comment, by far, is, "Do you wear contacts?" Nope.

What's even funnier is the fact that Little J has my eyes, too, so now instead of people commenting on mine, they comment on his... THEN comment on mine. It's never ending. At least it makes you feel good! :)

What do people compliment you on?


  1. It is very nice to see you. I feel like we are old friends :) So glad you had a reason to post your picture too. People pay good money for colored contacts for eyes like yours :)

  2. Here from the hop. Would love for you so stop by!

  3. Already a follower, but just wanted to wish you a great weekend! Swing by Between the Lines tomorrow to join our Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop if you get a chance!


  4. Wow, you are beautiful! Agree that you have nice eyes, but you have shiny, shampoo ommercial hair too, LOL!

  5. Hi! I'm a new follower from Hop Along Friday! You do have very pretty eyes :)

  6. Your eyes are beautiful!! Your son also has them :)!!!

  7. Well, let me pitch in. Your eyes ARE quite beautiful! :)

  8. Um, embarrassing, but my lips. They are full and BIG. I don't have a pic on my blog yet but... take my word for it. Then my big eyes then my hair. I'm just pretty, I guess :) HAHAHA!
    You do have gorgeous eyes! Like a Husky- not dog-like or anything but piercing for a lack of a better word. You're pretty, too :)
    Following now!

  9. Your eyes seriously are gorgeous! And you have great skin tone that makes black makeup work to make your eyes pop! That stuff clashes with my red skin and makes me look way worse!


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