Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Here are a few of the latest winners! All winning entries have been confirmed! Sad you haven't won, keep entering, there are many more items that can be won!

Sunglass Warehouse - #22
Congrats, Khaymax, enjoy your new shades!

Mystic Wonders Laundry System - #96
Congrats, Dave, enjoy your new system!

Baby Bond Nursing Cover - #83
Congrats, Cynthia, enjoy your cover!

Ergo Baby Carrier - #1954
Congrats, Nicole, enjoy your amazing carrier!

Congrats to all the winners, we hope you enjoy your new diggs and please let us know what you think of each of your items!


  1. I can't believe Nicole entered for the first time at the very end and was the winner!! Awesome Luck!! Congrats!

  2. There were a ton of new entries last night when I posted AND this morning. I knew if it was anywhere near the beginning or end, it was going to be a new entry. That just goes to show that even one entry into a contest counts! We've had this happen in the past AS well as one person win who only entered once!! You never know who random.org will pick! I love generating numbers. It's so awesome to scroll through and see who wins. I love it. It's just as exciting, if not more, for me than it is for everyone else.


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