Monday, August 30, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 19

Day 19 - Your views on religion and/or politics?
My views on religion is that I believe in God, my heavenly father, and his son, Jesus Christ. I believe in the holy spirit that helps guide me and I believe that when we die, we're all told the truth about God. These are my beliefs and I don't care what anyone else believes. Everyone should have their own belief and I'm okay with that. Everyone should have the right to choose what they believe and I love that. I don't force my beliefs on anyone else and I would appreciate you not doing it to me, as well.

As for politics.. that's a hard one. I believe our politicians are exactly what we make them to be. They are a reflection of ourselves and we need to take promoting them way more seriously. With that said, I also think that regardless of how much we know about people, they may not do things differently than we wanted. I think we need to hold our politicians more accountable for their decisions and ultimately I think we, as the American public, should have the right to veto or go above/beyond their decisions if seen fit by a majority vote. Even if it isn't NOVEMBER 15th!

What's your view on religion and/or politics?


  1. I agree with you. While I am more than happy to answer questions and share my beliefs, I am not going to shove it down anyone's throats. As for politics, eh, I try to avoid.

  2. I'm not really involved with either. I was raised Roman Catholic, but had a hard time with the structure there. I still believe just not necessarily in any structured way. And politics I tend to stay out of...terrible, but true.

  3. I'm Catholic, believe in God and am raising my child in a christian home but will only approach the subject with others if it's already been brought up and a question has been asked.

    RE: politics... I still don't know where I stand on everything and definitely don't fit into a perfect political view. Some things I feel strongly to the left and others I feel strongly to the right. Confusing, huh?

  4. I would have to agree with you...I have my beliefs and I do not want to force people on my beliefs! Regarding politics, I always vote, but I would not consider myself highly into them!


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