Monday, August 02, 2010

Winners Round Two

First I appologize for it taking me SOOOOO long to post all these winners. I usually try to post it 3-4 at a time but things around here have backed up quite a bit. I have a few good posts in the works, some reviews and giveaways and not to mention that I have a teething baby boy on my hands who is no longer immobile. He's everywhere and into EVERYTHING all at once. I digress.. thank you all so much for participating. I do have an announcement to make as well...

As of Saturday, August 7, 2010, all giveaways will be slowed down. They won't be stopping, they just won't be as frequent as they have been. 25+ giveaways per month is a little on the extreme side and I've had a hard time finding time to do what needs to be done around my house. I am limiting the giveaways to 2-3 per week, at most. My hopes is that this will give me time to express my creative outlet and write more personal posts about my family and what we've been up to. Thank you all so much for your patronage and I love you all!

Now... for the giveaway winners:

Crunchy Clean - #671
prize claimed

Lulu's in the Fluff - #1022
prize claimed

Bummas - #373
prize claimed

Softbums - #1494
prize claimed

Kushies - #699
prize claimed

Belly Charms Bracelet - #7
prize claimed

Sheri's Bow - #66
prize has not been claimed

Thank you, once again! You guys have been absolutely amazing and I couldn't have any better readers! You guys amaze me and thank you for sticking with me for so long!
If you didn't win, please feel free to enter our other giveaways, there are many open! 


  1. That is awfully crazy the amount of giveaways a week! I sure hope it helps you out a little slowing down :) Look forward to hearing more about your family!

  2. Speaking of "absolutely amazing" - I'd say YOU are! All these posts, all these reviews, all these giveaways and a little boy to chase! Good job!


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