Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 2

Today is day two of 30 Days of Truth. Today's a fun one. After yesterday's Truths, it's nice to sit down and reflect on the good things. Sometimes we, as mom's, are way too hard on ourselves and we put ourselves down too much. Sometimes we need to just take a moment to realize that even us, Moms, make mistakes and things don't always have to be perfect. There are so many things that are great about us and sometimes we just need that little boost to bring those great things to the surface. To show that we are smart. We are talented. We do a great job. We're worth it.

Day 2 - Something you love about yourself.

... in no particular order...

I love that I'm a worrier. I love that I genuinely care for the people/things around me. I may not be the most eco-friendly, compassionate person in the world, but I love that I do care for those and am willing to do whatever I can to make those around me happy.

I love that I am doing what I can to be eco-friendly and compassionate to the world around me. I want my son to learn how to respect our environment and use what he has before wasting.

I love that even though I'm not perfect, and I know that, I still love myself for who I am and try, everyday, to be the best possible person that I can.

I love that I'm a perfectionist. Things may not always be perfect but I love that I try my hardest to get things done in the best way possible. Even if it means that I loose sleep, don't eat or am hurting afterward, it needs to be done and not only does it need to be done it needs to look nice and work great.

What do you love about yourself?

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  1. man, that's such a tough question...

    all my good qualities are extremes...

    im an obsessive compulsive person. im a perfectionist. im a workaholic. i love too much. i care too much. their just too extremes that im not sure if i love myself for that.. lol

    hmm that is really a tough one

  2. I am hotcakes with a different name lol. I swear I love to much and care too much especially when it comes to family members that could careless if I keep breathing.

    To a fault me and DH are very passionate people we seem to argue about everything everyday. Although by the end of the day we always love each other.

  3. What a great idea! I love reading about you :) What I love about myself: I really try to be a good Mom and genuinely care about all my friends! Glad to have you as a friend!!

  4. I love that I can occasionally make my husband laugh. He is the funny one in the family and if I can get a really good, deep belly laugh out of him I feel really accomplished.


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