Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Your Baby Can Read Review

Have you seen that infamous info-mercial with the toddlers sitting down reading flash cards and chapter books? Yes, that one. I've been given the unique opportunity to review Your Baby Can READ! Well this isn't just any ol' review. This one is a little bit different. Obviously I won't be able to tell you right away whether or not it works. However, after talking to my husband, we've decided that how could it hurt? Not only does Your Baby Can Read provide great educational videos for our son to watch, but they also provide a great series of word cards, word books, board books, sliding books, etc. It's wonderful material that I'm sure we'll enjoy looking at and reading for years to come. Whether or not it teaches our son to read is to be determined but until then, we'll enjoy teaching him educational material that one day he'll use. Unlike some other "educational shows" on TV, these days. Kelly was gracious enough to send us the Your Baby Can Read Deluxe Kit for review.

As you can see, we were bombarded with a variety of fun material. All things that we will love to use as time progresses. Here are some things that I love about this set. I love that it isn't boring old, A says aye or aaah, B says Buh Buh Buh, C says kuh kuh kuh. No, not at all. It's simple, really. It shows them the word. It shows them to read the word from left to right while saying the word. Then it shows a picture of the item. From what I've learned... babies don't know that you're supposed to read from left to right. They just see a jumbled up mess of letters and are unsure what to do with it. Your Baby Can Read teaches them that this word means Keys or Elephant or whatever the thing may be. Also, I learned that we, as humans, don't read letter by letter like they teach us in kindergarten. We read words as a whole so teaching babies to read words as a whole is a WHOLE lot easier than trying to teach them words, letter by letter. I love that it shows me how to teach my son and I love that in doing this, I've learned how to teach my son something that most people don't accomplish until much later in life.

We will be watching the videos, reading the books and looking at the flashcards pretty regularly from here on out and I would love to keep you all updated on our progress with Your Baby Can Read.

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I want to send a special thank you to Kelly at Your Baby Can Read for sending us the review items. I was not compensated in any other way to write this post and all statements within it are my own, honest opinions.


  1. Please keep us up to date on how this one works out! I've seen the ads and wondered about them... How well does it work - and does it really give the child good comprehension / prepare them for school or just teach them the word without real/good context. I can't wait to see your follow up!

  2. I totally want to knowhow you like this I have a 5 month old, and I used to be a kindergarten teacher so this is very interesting!

  3. We bought this set for Isla, she started watching them when she was about 6 months old. She lost interest at about 9 months old... Now that she can talk and understand so much, I think she'll be more interested in it.

  4. Whether you (possibly, eventually) like the product, this is a horrible company to deal with. Regardless of the value of their product they are very lacking in any concept of customer service. Three weeks after ordering and playing full price (taken at the time of order) they still have not delivered product. They did send tracking information, twice, but still show never actually being sent. Save your money, these people are rude and unreliable.


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